Frequently Asked Questions

Pokemon Mystery Universe is a game that holds many features. Somtimes we get asked questions about the game. Our Community put together a list of this FAQ to provide some help.

  • How can I prevent Pokemon Mystery Universe Software from popping up during start up?
    Window 7 or Windows XP

    Go to your start bar and search for msconfig.exe (or just msconfig). Then, hit the tab that says "Startup". Look for PMU and uncheck it.

    Windows 8

    Open your task manager and hit the Startup tab. Find PMU and click Disable on the bottom right after selecting it.

    For more information check out:
    I can't find Pokemon Mystery Universe

    Sometimes the start up icon tends to disappear after installation.

    1. Search for the following directory:
    2. C: \Program Files\Pokemon Mystery Universe=
    3. Locate that application file called "PMU".
    4. Right click "PMU" and create shortcut.
    5. Based on preferance, drag PMU Shortcut on desktop, Start menu or Task bar.

    Virus? Malware detected?

    Your anti-virus usually pulls off alerts on many low profile programs such as Pokemon Mystery Universe. Norton and Kaspersky, being most sensitive culprits. This game contains no malware, viruses or ad-infested installers. As long as you downloaded it through this page, you should be fine.

    You may need to look into putting PMU.exe into the exceptions within your anti-virus or firewall
    Updating folder permissions?

    Right Click and run the installer as an Administrator.

    My installer is having problems. What to do?

    Try the following:

    • Get the latest Microsoft Frameworks.
    • Run the installer as Administrator
    • Install as a portable application.

    If not, post your problem and further details in the Support forum.

  • I lost my password. How do I retrieve it?

    If you lost your password to your in-game account, contact Administrators via Support Forums or Discord with your Username and In-Game name with proof that it is your account.

    If you lost your Forum password, you can get it emailed to you via clicking "Forgot Password".

    It say "You are already playing on this computer!". How can I prevent this message?

    This usually occurs if the server reads that your account is already logged in. There are a few cases where the server may still find a character online if the game client had suddenly closed. It make take some time for the server to progress your current status.

    Try force quitting PMU via Task Manager, wait it out, or find an available Staff Member to kick you.

    GMs only?

    GM stands for Game Master. This refers to any level of the Staff Team. Players who were on before the GM mode was turned on will stay on, but new players may not log in. This is usually turned on while there is maintenance.

    I'm stuck at 100% when loading my character. Any way to fix this?

    Similar to the "You are already playing on this computer!" error. Find an available to kick you, or wait it out.

    Server Status: Offline?

    Try going to Server Select -> Main Server. If not, the server may actually be down for maintenance or simply shut-down. Check back later.

  • I found a map or tile error! Where do I report it?

    Supply a screenshot at this location.

    Alternatively, you can global chat the issue if there available mappers.

    How do I find and upload my screenshots?
    F11 Creates a screenshot and store it in you client folder under the screenshots
    The default directory in the installer.
    C: \Program Files\Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Screenshots
    Where can I report a player?

    Before reporting, read this thread.

    Post a thread in the Report User forum.
    Include a screenshot as evidence, and if the screenshot includes swearing, place it in a spoiler.

    What do I do about lag?

    For general server latency, be patient and wait it out. There's not much that can be done since latency (lag) is something that happens in all online games to some extent.

    For FPS lag, try putting PMU on high-priority via Task Manager.

    You many be able to help the game obtain a better server through donation.

    How can I get my chat to scroll down?

    To fix this, you first need to open up the Options menu. Do this by pressing the bottle with the message on the bottom right side, or access this via the "Esc" menu. Use the arrow keys to scroll down and turn "Auto Scroll" on. This should make the Chat automatically scroll down when a new message appears.

    I lost items after editing my house. Is there any way to retrieve them?

    Unfortunately, you can not recover your items after that. Editing your house whether you save or do not save changes refreshes the map. Any item that is on the map at the time will disappear. Make sure you pick up your items before editing your house.

    What should I do when the TM does not work on my Pokemon?

    Before you learn a new move, clear the move slot you want to replace. This glitch happens occasionally.

    I got a random error. What do I do?

    Relogging should fix it, if the error persists, report it in the Bugs forum.

  • I have some changes for the site, should I report them?

    If you have any ideas, spelling errors, or suggestion for the site, you could do the following to contact this mysterious site editor.

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