View Full Version : Enough

04-24-2010, 08:00 PM
Everyone, stop the fighting, just stop it, it's gone on far enough, and it's only getting worse. I know I've said that I would keep away from the forums, but people just keep pulling me back in. But all I hear is just more and more fighting. This all needs to stop, or the community will be driven down.

People, don't make the same mistake I did, if you can't say anything nice to the staff for their work, then keep it to yourself, telling them isn't gonna change anything, for how many times that's been proven, you should all know by now. I don't really have many reasons to give respect to the staff, but don't let all of your disrespects get to them. You'll only get yourself into trouble, along with anyone else who is involved.

Remember people that this is in fact a beta, I myself have wanted to start over several times, but how many times have I done so? Well, no one really knows. But let's just say that ever since I started this main character I had, I've never decided to start over anymore. I had too many things that I knew I couldn't ever replace, but now, because of my actions, I've lost it all.

Everyone, take my advice, don't let your rage go to the staff, you may be thinking, "what reason do we have to respect the staff?" well, don't ask me, just don't give them disrespects, or you'll regret it. Revenge, is never the answer.

If any staff is reading this, please lock this thread now, I don't want to hear any opinions about this. Thank you and good bye.