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The BinaryBlog

A blog series that aims to provide tidbits of wisdom, laughter, and binary code.

  1. The BinaryBlog - Emotes Errywhere


    It's Tuesday and I guess that means we've got another pseudo-random topic in the blogging section today. This week I'd like to talk about emotes~

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Within this hard shell of mine lies a soft personality. Emotions are not something I tend to show much of in public unless I'm comfortable with it and unafraid of that soft personality being hurt in any way. In person I am rather reserved and shy...but online I find ...
  2. The BinaryBlog - Games of Tomorrow

    Heya guys, it's Tuesday again and that means another BinaryBlog entry. This week I've been feeling a little inspired by the ongoing E3 conference...

    Thoughts of a Torterra
    (keep in mind this is speaking in character and doesn't necessarily mean I'm against new games in general; I'm actually kinda excited to see what the future brings)

    Hmph. Fancy graphics and unusual quirks can't quite make up for the lack of a good story...

    Not that ...
  3. The BinaryBlog - A Silly Haiku

    Another week comes by and I'm in the mood to post something quirky and nonsensical (again).

    PMU has memes
    Forty-one is a number
    Gible is confirmed

    Anybody else want to post a haiku of their own? Remember the 5-7-5 syllable format.
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  4. The BinaryBlog - Origins of 41

    Since the last BinaryBlog post received quite a bit of attention, I figure I'll stick with the brief format. But I still want some sort of content, about I explain all this nonsense behind the number 41? Here's a screenshot that should explain how it all started:

    If you look carefully in the grass next to me, you can make out something that looks like 41. Or at least that's what ...
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  5. The BinaryBlog - Cheese Please!

    Yes, I really don't have the energy or motivation to go in-depth on some more serious subject. I still wanted to make a blog post this week however, so here's some cheese!

    My favorite kind of cheese is provolone. What's yours? ^.^
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