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The BinaryBlog

A blog series that aims to provide tidbits of wisdom, laughter, and binary code.

  1. The BinaryBlog - Everything in Moderation

    Heya guys, here's another BinaryBlog for you to enjoy! This time I've decided to talk a bit about responsibilities, or at least my views on such. It's been a somewhat stressful week for me due to various things happening...but that won't stop me from enjoying the things I do. Feel free to comment (so I know that this stuff is actually being read)!

    Without further ado...

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Lately I've been thinking about this rather tranquil ...
  2. The BinaryBlog - Close Calls

    Heya, here's another issue of the BinaryBlog for you guys. I haven't been quite so active the past few days, but mostly due to being distracted by other things. Figured this time I'd cover my peculiar tendency to have close calls in gaming.

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Sometimes on my previous adventures I'd make it out by the bark of my shell, pushed to my limits. Other times however, victory would be just outside of my grasp. Here are but a few of my more vivid ...

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    BinaryBlog , Thoughts of a Torterra
  3. The BinaryBlog - Personalities Aplenty

    Heya again, fellow explorers! I guess I'm going to be making the BinaryBlog into a weekly thing on Tuesdays now. This week's topic of choice is on personalities, as this issue's title might suggest. Hope you guys enjoy it! =)

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    I sometimes wonder to myself whether we stick to our roots. Experience often changes our view on several life matters, and those dreams of yesteryear seem to always morph into something we didn't originally intend ...
  4. The BinaryBlog - Growing Pains

    Heya, and welcome to the second installment of the BinaryBlog! This won't have too much in it I'm afraid, as I've been a little busy with the Easter HC and thinking about my growing roster of Pokemon.

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Those eggs hatched. I'm now surrounded by a new generation of explorers, and I'm sure they will look to me for guidance and support. Already they're all clamoring for my attention. Hopefully I won't be driven bonkers.

    At ...
  5. The BinaryBlog - New Beginnings

    Heya, welcome to my first installment of the BinaryBlog! With this blog I hope to provide tidbits of wisdom, laughter, and binary code. (Maybe some other stuff too, I'm still thinking of what directions to take this in...)

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Well, ever since I was a young Turtwig, I've gone on many adventures and made quite a few friends. Only recently did it feel like I finally reached the pinnacle of my ability, reaching level 100 exactly one week ago ...

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