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  1. The BinaryBlog - Emotes Errywhere


    It's Tuesday and I guess that means we've got another pseudo-random topic in the blogging section today. This week I'd like to talk about emotes~

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Within this hard shell of mine lies a soft personality. Emotions are not something I tend to show much of in public unless I'm comfortable with it and unafraid of that soft personality being hurt in any way. In person I am rather reserved and shy...but online I find ...
  2. The BinaryBlog - Games of Tomorrow

    Heya guys, it's Tuesday again and that means another BinaryBlog entry. This week I've been feeling a little inspired by the ongoing E3 conference...

    Thoughts of a Torterra
    (keep in mind this is speaking in character and doesn't necessarily mean I'm against new games in general; I'm actually kinda excited to see what the future brings)

    Hmph. Fancy graphics and unusual quirks can't quite make up for the lack of a good story...

    Not that ...
  3. Envy's Training Blog pt4

    It's time for another update!

    Dragalge and Shiftry are both level 100, and Hydreigon is level 80. The current order of what I'm training looks something like this at the moment: Hydreigon -> Volcarona -> Heracross. More lower-leveled things have been trained as well.
  4. The BinaryBlog - A Silly Haiku

    Another week comes by and I'm in the mood to post something quirky and nonsensical (again).

    PMU has memes
    Forty-one is a number
    Gible is confirmed

    Anybody else want to post a haiku of their own? Remember the 5-7-5 syllable format.
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  5. The BinaryBlog - Origins of 41

    Since the last BinaryBlog post received quite a bit of attention, I figure I'll stick with the brief format. But I still want some sort of content, about I explain all this nonsense behind the number 41? Here's a screenshot that should explain how it all started:

    If you look carefully in the grass next to me, you can make out something that looks like 41. Or at least that's what ...
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