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  1. PichuBlog

    So I'm training a Pichu.. not too surprising with my current level 100s honestly harrdeharr.
    Current level: 51
    I'll keep posting a blog every level / few levels if I remember. Which I will. Hopefully.
  2. The BinaryBlog - Growing Pains

    Heya, and welcome to the second installment of the BinaryBlog! This won't have too much in it I'm afraid, as I've been a little busy with the Easter HC and thinking about my growing roster of Pokemon.

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Those eggs hatched. I'm now surrounded by a new generation of explorers, and I'm sure they will look to me for guidance and support. Already they're all clamoring for my attention. Hopefully I won't be driven bonkers.

    At ...