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  1. Envy's Training Blog pt3

    Update time!

    Dragalge's level 97 now, Shiftry is now level 92, and Hydreigon is level 74. I've also trained a bunch of lower-leveled things between this update and the last one.
  2. The BinaryBlog - Cheese Please!

    Yes, I really don't have the energy or motivation to go in-depth on some more serious subject. I still wanted to make a blog post this week however, so here's some cheese!

    My favorite kind of cheese is provolone. What's yours? ^.^
  3. [Guild's Event] Music Challenges

    :3 My guild event, everyone can join!
    Quote Originally Posted by leondraceus View Post

    Hello everyone! This is another Legends of Explorers Guild Event and everyone can participate!
    If you are a fan of Pokemon OST (Game Soundtrack only), why don't you come and compete with others.

    Host: LeonDraceus
    Time: 2 PM (GMT 0) | 10 AM (EST 0) - 5/27/2017
    Place: LeonDraceus' House

  4. The BinaryBlog - Everything in Moderation

    Heya guys, here's another BinaryBlog for you to enjoy! This time I've decided to talk a bit about responsibilities, or at least my views on such. It's been a somewhat stressful week for me due to various things happening...but that won't stop me from enjoying the things I do. Feel free to comment (so I know that this stuff is actually being read)!

    Without further ado...

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Lately I've been thinking about this rather tranquil ...
  5. Blohg?

    Was finalising the customisation of the blog settings.

    Figured I may as well do something with it. So here's a summary of my week.

    This is probably no surprise, but I'm terrible with technology. Most of everything I know is self taught in whatever free time I have. As of late I've had a bit of a creativity surge so I've been writing and drawing instead of gaining any knowledge or experience. I've made a number of short stories and pmu-related comics that I'm contemplating
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