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  1. Envy's Training Thing pt7

    Haven't updated in a while, so here we go again!

    Heracross is now level 87, Golurk is level 72, Dragonite is level 59, and Sceptile, comin' out of nowhere, is level 57! Hopefully Heracross will be done soon.
  2. Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is a Bergmite who joined the team really recently. He's still a baby, yet he's already strong thanks to his intensive training. This is the only Bergmite that have been seen in the explored territories of our world. I suspect the specie of this special snowflake to live in a remote dungeon of the Winden Region. Aquamarine is the living proof there is still a lot of things to discover in the world.
    But this ice pokemon isn't the only ...
  3. Envy's Training Thing pt6

    Update time!

    Magmar has reached level 100, making him my 10th level 100! Heracross is level 74, and Golurk is level 67.

    Updated 08-21-2017 at 12:34 AM by Makuta Drahk

    Envy's Training Thing
  4. Unreleased Dungeons: Sacred Tower

    Hey everyone. Today I want to talk about a dungeon I had planned to release way back around 2013-14 or so (I can't remember exactly when), but didn't end up finishing. I figured it'd be okay to talk about it since it'll never come out!

    Why wasn't it finished? Well - some of you old players might remember the huge rollback that happened around that time. I lost all of the work I had done on that dungeon except for the boss rooms and location map. For me - losing work is the ultimate ...
  5. The Long-Forgotten Story Writer Rank

    Well hey there, it's been a while.

    So, PMU has undergone several structural changes over its long course of almost 10 years of existence. On returning to PMU I noticed that there's no longer the traditional Moderator, Mapper, Developer, Admin ranks as there used to be, and hey I thought - seems like a relevant time to talk about a long-gone position that I once held: Story Writer.

    Story Writers were basically just players with a cool black name, who had access to the ...
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