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  1. [Guild's Event] Music Challenges

    :3 My guild event, everyone can join!
    Quote Originally Posted by leondraceus View Post

    Hello everyone! This is another Legends of Explorers Guild Event and everyone can participate!
    If you are a fan of Pokemon OST (Game Soundtrack only), why don't you come and compete with others.

    Host: LeonDraceus
    Time: 2 PM (GMT 0) | 10 AM (EST 0) - 5/27/2017
    Place: LeonDraceus' House

  2. The BinaryBlog - Everything in Moderation

    Heya guys, here's another BinaryBlog for you to enjoy! This time I've decided to talk a bit about responsibilities, or at least my views on such. It's been a somewhat stressful week for me due to various things happening...but that won't stop me from enjoying the things I do. Feel free to comment (so I know that this stuff is actually being read)!

    Without further ado...

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Lately I've been thinking about this rather tranquil ...
  3. Blohg?

    Was finalising the customisation of the blog settings.

    Figured I may as well do something with it. So here's a summary of my week.

    This is probably no surprise, but I'm terrible with technology. Most of everything I know is self taught in whatever free time I have. As of late I've had a bit of a creativity surge so I've been writing and drawing instead of gaining any knowledge or experience. I've made a number of short stories and pmu-related comics that I'm contemplating
  4. Envy's Training Blog pt2

    Haven't updated this recently enough for my liking, so I'm doing that.

    Dragalge is level 92 now, Shiftry is level 90 now, and Hydreigon is level 69 (hee hee) now. Nothing else of note, really.
  5. The BinaryBlog - Close Calls

    Heya, here's another issue of the BinaryBlog for you guys. I haven't been quite so active the past few days, but mostly due to being distracted by other things. Figured this time I'd cover my peculiar tendency to have close calls in gaming.

    Thoughts of a Torterra

    Sometimes on my previous adventures I'd make it out by the bark of my shell, pushed to my limits. Other times however, victory would be just outside of my grasp. Here are but a few of my more vivid ...

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