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  1. a l i v e

  2. Envy's Training Thing pt8 ft. Envy's alt

    Okay, upd8 time!

    On my main, Golurk's level 81, Dragonite's level 66, Sceptile's level 62, Garchomp is level 55, and some other lower-leveled stuff has also been trained. (Heracross is also level 100, not that it matters.)

    Meanwhile, on Spades Slick, one of my alts, I've gotten my starter, Torchic, to level 20, my Oddish to level 23, and evolved both of them, with the Oddish even being fully evolved. Next stop: Winden Pass!

    Updated 09-11-2017 at 03:12 AM by Makuta Drahk

    Envy's Training Thing
  3. trying to train cherrim (the sequel)

    i trained with someone in MJ the other day and now cherrim is 73! ....that's only like 2 levels from where i was before, but it's quite exciting i'm getting back up on my feet
    i fell out of pmu so i really hadn't done much... but i'm gonna get cherrim to 100 for sure, this time!
  4. Envy's Training Thing pt7

    Haven't updated in a while, so here we go again!

    Heracross is now level 87, Golurk is level 72, Dragonite is level 59, and Sceptile, comin' out of nowhere, is level 57! Hopefully Heracross will be done soon.
  5. I only got 2 pokemon in my team and still nothing new to get that i want

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