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Heya guys, here's another BinaryBlog for you to enjoy! This time I've decided to talk a bit about responsibilities, or at least my views on such. It's been a somewhat stressful week for me due to various things happening...but that won't stop me from enjoying the things I do. Feel free to comment (so I know that this stuff is actually being read)! :)

Without further ado...

Thoughts of a Torterra

Lately I've been thinking about this rather tranquil society we live in. When we help our fellow explorers, we can use our strengths to cover for the weaknesses of others. Surely, then, some of us will take up roles of leadership so that they may lead by example...

Myself, I don't care whether I have a prestigious title or not; I will help others when I am able and willing. I recognize that I may not always be willing, however good my intentions may be. If I were in a position where people were expecting me to help and I ended up failing to provide them with support, I'd just end up feeling like a terrible person. At the same time, however, I cannot just sit idly by and never do anything. It comes down to keeping things in be helpful to others, but not make them dependent on me.

Perhaps that is why, at least to some extent, I'm reluctant to take on the burden of responsibilities. I like to be free to do what I want at any given time. Who wouldn't want to live a carefree life?

...but let's be honest. If we all did that, then we wouldn't have a very good quality of life, would we?

Other Free Time Pursuits

Over the past week, most of my time has been spent in one other game. I'm a chat moderator in said game, and they just opened the floodgates to people on the mobile platform. Despite my best intentions to help, I couldn't possibly keep up with the constant barrage of questions from newer players. No matter how long I sat there answering questions, someone else would come by and ask about the same exact things 2 minutes later. A bit frustrating to say the least.

Since the first couple days, some changes have been made for the better - more mods were taken on, the chat was split into several channels, and a couple lingering issues were patched up. But I wore myself out with those question-answering marathons that went on for hours, and I just need to take a break from that for a while. Writing this blog post is helping me to relax, and I'll probably go watch speedruns while I hang out in PMU once I post this.

I also notice I haven't posted a "PMU Tips & Tricks" section since my first issue of the BinaryBlog. Perhaps I will get back to writing that section at some point, though I'd need to find some quality material people would find useful. Maybe I'll cover something like Abilities, if I can find the time to research what people find useful (Cloud Nine, Frisk, type-absorbing abilities like Sap Sipper, etc).

Combined with a few things happening in real life that encroached on my ability to do what I want with my time, I'm feeling like I need to rediscover what I find fun. There's an idea for an RPG in my head that's mostly just numbers and vague concepts for the time being. I might also try my hand at writing fantasy stories if I can find something I want to write about (I'm inspired by themes of nature, as ironic as that sounds coming from someone named "BinaryBob"). Perhaps I could post these things in future installments of this blog? Let me know if there's interest.

Right now I have plenty of things on my mind. However, for now I just need to unwind so I'll be ending this blog post here. Cheers!