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Etaki's Guide to an Effective Team pt5

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The Supporter's Role

4. Bag Keeping

A final role a Supporter should have is protect your inventory or find new (rare) items. You can have a Pokemon solely for this purpose, though it's more useful to make this Pokemon have another supportive role as well, e.g. healing.

The first usefulness of Bag Keepers is locating new items if they enter the floor. They can do so through three abilities that activate upon floor entry: Pick Up, Honey Gather and Frisk. Pick Up and Honey Gather depend on the Pokemon's level, giving you better chances of finding an item the higher your level is. Pick Up may find up to 3 items (naturally found in the dungeon, including Mystery Eggs and hidden items) and Honey Gather up to 1 Honey. Teddiursa, which has both abilities, can find both items and Honey independently, leading up to 4 items per floor. If the dungeon spawns Honey, you can find Honey through Pick and Honey Gather, which is pretty useful for training.

Frisk works a little differently: If you entered the floor with Frisk, it reveals items hidden on the floor or in walls, but you have to refresh the map first (just press "End" on your keyboard). This reveals the items for you and your party. Hidden items are usually Shards, rare Mystery Eggs, Reviver Seeds etc..

Regardless if they were hidden, many items in the walls can be reached only by Ghost Pokemon (or any Pokemon holding the Mobile Scarf). Use these Pokemon to get these items, but mind the belly because every step in the wall costs 5 belly. Therefore, Ghost Pokemon are not very useful for dungeon crawling, because they cannot run without wasting belly. However, having a Ghost type hold a Trapped Scarf prevents it from entering walls, so you can use the Pokemon normally and remove its scarf to cross walls when necessary. Alternatively, a Frisk Pokemon can hold Mobile Scarf to cross walls freely.

Another useful move is Recycle. Not many people know this, but Recycle restores food that went grimy during a dungeon run (through grimy traps) back to its original form. However, this does not work on food that was originally grimy. Also, the item needs to be held first for Recycle to take effect, so this process is time-consuming and be leave you open to attacks so be careful. You can also use a Recycle Orb to restore all grimy food at once.

Another major problem you will come across is items going sticky through sticky traps. There are two ways to counter that, either have the active Pokemon hold a No-Stick Cap or Trap Scarf, or carry a couple of a Cleanse Orb (as one may get sticky - the irony). Trap Scarf is useful because you avoid all traps, however at the cost of another held item. Therefore, Cleanse Orbs may be preferred.

Finally, another problem Supporters or Sweepers come across is limited vision in darker dungeons. The ability Keen Eye or the held item X-Ray Specs remove this problem, but only if the active Pokemon has them.

==> Etaki's highlights for "Bag-Keeper" Supporters <==
  • Teddiursa is the perfect Honey farmer. Have it enter all floors in Winden Training Dojo or Honeydrop Meadow, where Honey is naturally found
  • Gourgeist has both Frisk and Pick Up and is therefore in dungeons with rare hidden items, while it can also naturally reach them
  • If you don't want a Ghost in your team, have your Frisk or other supportive Pokemon hold a Mobile Scarf
  • If you do want a Ghost, carry a Trapped Scarf or plenty of food
  • Many Healers/Supporters can get Recycle or Keen Eye so don't waste team slots on these
  • Always carry at least one Cleanse Orb
  • Always carry Escape Orbs and at least one Escape Rope. When everything goes wrong, you want to retain your precious items
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  1. IloveWater's Avatar
    Things you can include/improve upon:
    Gourgeist has a niche of being one of the few ghost types that has recovery outside of rest (synthesis) which is something you can include because it mean it doesn't need apples.
    Another thing you can include is that Teddi has quick feet which makes honey farming easier and along with it's fam item,it basically negates the burn damage.
    Combee not having pick up can be a blessing if you only care about honey because pick up may hog up inventory with undroppable items eg mystery eggs and you don't need to constantly check your bag and drop items.
    Safety googles is basically an upgraded version of X ray specs
    I don't see what you're trying to say with "Many Healers/Supporters can get Recycle or Keen Eye so don't waste team slots on these" especially the keen eye part because as far as i can tell the only keen eye supporter mon is Meowstic and maybe sableye.