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Thread: [Event] 2017 Easter!

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    [Event] 2017 Easter!


    Hello Players!

    The Easter Holiday Cave is now open for exploration!

    To get to the event area, proceed to Holiday Hills (southeast from the crossroads) and go into the egg warp. There you will reach Flowerblossom Fields!

    In this year's Easter Event, we have the following for you guys to enjoy!

    -Easter Shop in town
    -A lively, yet temporary, area for the Easter dungeon entrance
    -Easter Treats shop in Flowerblossom Fields
    -An Easter Holiday Cave dungeon
    -New recruits
    -And a little secret in the dungeon~ Maybe something to do with a dungeon party?

    We hope you guys enjoy the Easter event! The event will go on for a duration of two weeks, thus the event will be closing on May 1st, 2017.

    If you have any questions, feedback, concerns, or anything else about our event, let us know by posting below!

    -The PMU Staff Team.

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    I've been enjoying the event so far, and the subsequent minor touches to assist in hatching plenty of new Pokemon are certainly helpful. The holiday cave dungeon can be a challenge, but even if you fail you still get whatever eggs you picked up, so players of all skill levels stand to benefit at least in some way.

    (Relating to the "little secret" even though pretty much everybody playing already knows by now)
    The partner eggs in the end-room are a nice idea in my opinion, though understandably controversial. The seemingly arbitrary restriction on Dratini (and only Dratini) certainly didn't make it any less controversial. I'm curious about the exact reason(s) for why Dratini was restricted, and perhaps reasons why other Pokemon didn't get the same treatment (Phione was brought up a lot on the first day in chat, and the fossil Pokemon to a lesser extent). You don't have to answer this if you'd prefer not to, but it would be nice to know why the line was drawn where it was.

    The abilities that now actually serve to speed up the hatching of eggs is a welcome change (especially since Talonflame is one of my most used Pokemon). The egg incubator service that was just implemented only hours ago is something I've yet to use, but I would like to know if we might get that service outside the event map at some point (and if so, please put a Kanga storage in the same room).

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    The events almost to a close I'd like to thank The PMU Staff Team for such a wonderful, pleasant and rewarding event. Hope you guys had a Happy Easter.

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