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Thread: Using custom sprites instead of regular ones

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    Using custom sprites instead of regular ones

    Using custom sprites in your game instead of regular ones


    Hello my fellows explorers and artists, I'm going to explain you how to use custom sprites instead of the ones we are currently using in Pokemon Mystery Universe.
    In case someone is doubtful about it, you DO have the right to change the sprites of your client, and you will be the ONLY ONE to see the sprites you changed.
    Another important point is that during every GFX updates, the files will be overwritten so you may want to keep a backup of your custom sprites somewhere.
    Also, I'll explain in this thread how to change the sprites and mugshot/portrait of your client, but note that it also works with musics and tiles. Though if you're not sure about what you are doing, it would be better for you to not mess with it.

    What is a custom sprite?

    I call custom sprite every sprite you may make that aren't used in game. It could be a sprite that got rejected but you think looks good, a pikachu with a hat, a shiny or recolored pokemon, or something completely different : you want Sandslash to be replaced by Sonic? Sure, go for it, but note that EVERY Sandslash will look like Sonic, not only yours.

    convert to .sprite or .portrait

    Since I don't think it is clear for everyone and the guide about it gives link to the old forums which does not exist anymore, I allow myself to remind you how to convert a sprite or a mugshot into the files used by the game.
    Step 1 : getting the Toolkit

    First of all, you will need to get the PMD Toolkit. This tool is used to test sprites, but we'll also use it to convert them.
    Here's a mediafire link to download it as a .rar :
    (Note : if you have some other links, let me know so I will add them there in case some people have troubles with mediafire or .rar)

    Step 2 : arranging your sprite

    This will be the hardest point of the whole thread so stay focused a moment.
    If you made the sprite/mugshot yourself or didn't get it as a .sprite/.portrait you will most likely have it as what we call a spritesheet. A spritesheet is a picture gathering all the frames of a sprite, and usually its mugshot.
    Most of the time, it will look like this :

    From now on, Amaura will be used as an exemple.

    However, you can't just give your spritesheet to the Toolkit and hope it will know what to do from it, that's why you will need to arrange it.

    Go to the folder where you placed the toolkit (you must extract it, obviously) and reach for the folder "Sprite"

    Inside, you will see a folder for each pokemon of the first generation (+an old espurr sprite, if I recall correctly).
    Let's say you want to have a custom Amaura sprite. Amaura is the 698th pokemon in the pokedex, so you need to create a folder named "Sprite698". In the folder you just created, you will need to put each frame (you'll most likely even use several times the same frames) and most importantly, name them correcty after what animation you want to use them for :

    Here is a list of required animations :
    - Idle
    - Attack
    - Walk
    - Sleep
    - Hurt (not currently used, but it might be so you still should make it)
    As you can see on the picture above, they each must be followed by their direction and the number of the frame. You can't change the speed of the animation, but you can control it with the number of identical frames you use.

    As for the mugshot, it's quite simple : take the picture and name it 1. Then, go to the "Portrait" folder of your Toolkit (should be placed in the same folder than "Sprite") and place your mugshot in a folder you name "sprite698" (no caps!).

    Note that if a pokemon have alternative forms, they must be arranged as well. When arranging directly in the folder "Sprite698", we arranged the default form. This is way enough for Amaura, and other pokemon having only one form. If your sprite only have one form like them, you can skip to step 3. Otherwise, we need to separate 2 different cases.

    If there's a female form, it won't cause in-game problem not to arrange it, but if it's an alternative form (Unown, Rotom, Deerling....) not arranging it could cause visual glitches.
    If you use moves changing your sprite, like dig, dive, fly, substitute, etc... your pokemon will turn into default form. It can only be turned back if you give proof to the staff that it used to be another form.

    Alternative forms
    Let's first take a look to the mugshot, because it is easier to see and the sprite is arranged the same way so it is self-explanatory :

    As you can see, the default form is stocked directly in the folder "sprite585" while the other forms are placed in subfolders named form1, form2, and form 3. form0 corresponds to the default sprite so it is not necessary. If you don't know which form corresponds to which event, you can open the Toolkit to check it :

    The same goes for the sprite. Like said earlier, arrange the default form in the main folder, then create subfolders named form1, 2 and 3 where you need to arrange the other forms :

    Now you know how to arrange alternative forms!

    Gender forms
    The default form, is also the male form, so you will only need to care about arranging the female form differently. If you have carefully read so far, I don't need to explain that mugshots and sprites are arranged the same way (folder-tree wise). So all you need to know is the path you need to build to arrange the female form, and there it is :

    form0 : it is NOT an alternative form
    shiny0 : it is NOT shiny (yes, that mean shiny1 would be where you arrange a shiny, but they aren't scripted to appear anyway)
    gender2 : it is a female, and this is the folder where you need to arrange the female form of your sprite, if it has one

    This should be all you need to know about arranging a sprite! Phew, now we can go to step 3!

    Step 3 : test and convert

    Now that your sprite is fully arranged, all you need to do is to run the PMD Toolkit. In order to test your sprite, the toolkit will convert it.

    I highly recommend to test your sprite, because arranging is long and more complex than it looks so your sprites will most likely have a problem you haven't noticed before (white box, missing frames...).
    Then your sprites and mugshot are finally converted! Hourray! It is almost over.

    All you need to do now is to get the .portrait and .sprite files you created. In order to do this, you only need to go to the folder "Cache" then either "Portrait" or "Sprite" depending on what you converted. The file you created will be in it, you just need to find the one with the pokedex number of the pokemon you made in the name.

    Put the files in your client

    Now that you have your files, all you need to do is to replace the ones in your client. In the client, look for the folder named "GFX" :

    Once you found it, put your .sprite in "Sprites" and your .portrait in "Mugshots", all you have to do now is to accept to overwrite the files with the same names.
    Congratulations! You can now play with any sprites you want!

    Where can I find custom sprites?

    Of course, even if my tutorial includes how to arrange a sprite, you don't have to do it yourself, and I encourage everyone to reply to this thread with their own sprites (a preview of it, like a spritesheet, a gif or a few pictures would be really nice)!

    I would like to begin with one of my own sprites :

    preview :
    direct download :

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    Soulja let me leave some of his sprites here!

    Here's the link to download them :

    The .rar contains Gengar, Tyrannitar, Metagross, Spiritomb and Drapion. You can see a preview of them all below :






    English isn't my mother tongue, please, don't be mad at me if you see any mistake in my posts

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