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Thread: About instances of Violations

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    Question About instances of Violations

    There have been mumblings and grumblings here and there about intances in which users who have violated terms went unpunished or recieved insufficient punishment. In some cases violaters have been temporarily muted more often than you could count on one hand yet never been permamuted or banned, or so I have heard.

    First off, I'd like to ask you not to name any violaters in question. This topic is not about blacklisting, finger pointing etc.. Please keep the language appropriate.

    So what is it about? Well, I would like to hear about your experiences as a player. Tell me about situations in which rules got violated. Have you ever been a direct victim of a violater? Did they get punished? If so, what was their punishment and do you feel it was appropriate?

    Now much of this would be opinionated but the aim of the topic is to address and gauge what may be an issue here on PMU. It seems that on occasion violator's get away with less than they deserve or don't receive punishment at all. It would also seem that some violators have been punished many times but never have been permamuted or banned. Perhaps staff could be more consistent in punishments and perhaps players can file more reports.

    Finally, a word of caution, Now I've heard of instances in which users gave an item to another user expecting to be payed for it later only to recieve nothing. Or lending their items never to have them returned. This seems to have become increasingly common. Best to be cautious about lending items or selling in advance.

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    I've had several instances of 'lending' people money and/or items and never getting them returned or paid for. Of course, at this point I expect to never see anything I 'loan' back. It's not really a 'violation' in my eyes because fault lies on both ends. The /trade function was made to fix these kinds of issues and of course it's not always the best way to do things, such as the case of bulk buying. If the sale or trade is important, always use the /trade function. Otherwise, as harsh as it sounds, you have no right to complain.

    I absolutely must stress that one's 'word' is not enough. I also hear this story a lot where people get things stolen or the supposed asking price suddenly jumps up or down and people get more or less than agreed. I advise that all non /trade transactions are screenshotted in full. For peace of mind and to prevent any twisting of words and such that would otherwise extend an argument and fracture relationships.

    Outside of trade issues the only other problem I had was not technically a violation and more of a fault of my own. I became quite interested in a particular player and their characters. Out of curiosity I googled them, somewhat hoping to come across more art because I was a big fan of their designs. I did find more but probably 90% of it was explicitly nsfw. Due to me being me, I always keep safe search on so imagine my surprise when that somehow slipped through. Of course, they followed the rules within PMU so what they did outside of that was their own business so I said nothing of it and hoped no-one else shared my username googling habits. I blame Google. Google was not punished.
    I don't think anything could be done to prevent it though so I hope it is and will be just a one-off case.

    Ok. I apologise but I do believe that Ouli asked that no-one was named, probably for the safety of everyone involved.
    My other issue is, you've just posted screenshots. It doesn't tell us enough so now you've forced me to analyse it. Haha. Here's the result from what I've gathered;

    There's really no other way to help situations like this except to educate the players unfortunately. Unless perhaps they have some sort of feature to allow for the trading of multiple items, or temporary possession of it somehow.
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    ''I apologise but I do believe that Ouli asked that no-one was named, probably for the safety of everyone involved.''

    Indeed. It's best this doesn't get heated. Which topics like these sadly have a risk at.

    I'd just like to know how people feel regarding rules and how staff deal with violators.

    On the topic of item borrowing. Clockwork explained it well. I don't think there's much staff could do about that. It can be difficult to provide suficient proof. Perhaps sometimes situations like these can lean to the rule of not disrupting other users gameplay but the line may be a bit vague I suppose. Best for players to remain cautious and like Clockwork said, stick to the trade feature for important items.

    Still, if these things happen, I think it's best to report anyway. Staff may keep an eye on them if it's serious enough.

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    Deleted and edited posts to get rid of players pointing fingers at one another.

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    Someone once stole my 15 pokedollar when i was muted, but he got no punishment because no proof )':

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