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Thread: The reason why PMU's economy is poo

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    The most recent auction had a couple items go for quite a bit, notably the Coveted Keys (Dratini egg, basically) and the "mystery" Pokemon egg that turned out to be Bergmite. If my memory isn't failing me all of those went for 1m+; in the case of that new Pokemon, 5m. Just going to point this out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IloveWater View Post
    I feel like only the average player is getting poorer everytime relics and other stuff gets nerfed but "AH ~10% of the players have over 10 mil, that must mean everyone have 10+ mil so we must have more money sinks and more money nerfs". This is like the vocal minority and silent majority thing.

    Also i dont see how lowering relic prices is even that effective,all it means is more grinding (like there's anything else on pmu) this results in deflation for every item (remember when miracle chest was 200k+? Signs of a good economy right?)

    Don't know how to quote on this forum but @RichardG How many people even bought a item for 1 mil+ at auctions? The most i've seen is like 600k which is something but not really significant.

    And can someone remind why does being rich affect game play at all? all it means is that they can afford to be lazy like whens the last time you've seen someone rich abusing the money they have?
    Honestly, I miss those days when people actually bought things
    because they had the money to be lazy. But now? It's almost impossible to earn money if you play like me and either log on just occasionally to maybe run through a dungeon, or just do an average of two runs a day if you do log on daily...

    But thank you for replying to this. We finally get the input of
    someone in the top 10 for poke... So maybe staff will actually understand just how badly they're making this for everyone...

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    Few things.
    I think I did an analysis on my own a long while ago, most of our points agree.

    People who have been here before know, but I'm staff on a different MMO and we had MASSIVE PROBLEMS with inflation. It shouldn't have been as bad as PMU's, but unnoticed bugs made the supply higher than the game could handle at more than one point.

    We fixed this by adding a lot of convenience, for a price. We have a train/boat station where one trip is some slightly-noticeable-but-definitely-worth-it pocket change. Because the convenience of the train station/boat station is always convenient, it is always viable. As Erl says, not all content is used forever and this will just compound as few new players come by here.

    Make it easier to get around, make people pay a little per trip. For comparison, the average person on our game had 1mil so each trip is something like 5-7k. The monthly pass was a few 100k for very hardcore players, and gave them a month of unlimited transport.

    Such a system won't completely solve the problems here, but it will definitely chip away at them and help keep them in check. I promise you I'd buy into this on PMU, because some of the regions are sprawlingly massive and easy to get lost in. Some of the dungeons are far away from the fly point.

    The rest, as the intial post says, would be to make a high-tier money sink.

    As Erl said, this community tends to progress as a swarm to the newest thing. Make that newest thing a sink and regulate it. If you're worried about releasing things that later just devalue because people already have it/lost interest, make it limited time and swap things out sometimes. Any new item or highly desired Pokemon would indeed work. Keep the dungeon (mostly) the same, change the interesting prize once a month/weekend/whatever. Cycle old but highly sought holiday-only pokemon and unreleased Pokemon, make the cycle repeat once a year so that there's always renewed interest.

    From there, the influx of money and issues of low demand items needs to happen. In our game, we artificially created a "newbie to old player" de-gapper through the battle tower. Our battle tower required effort that, old or new, you couldn't pay your way through (required a different currency you could only earn a little at a time of per day). For a while, this created a scenario where people were paying newer players 1mil+ to just do it for them, creating a more healthy circulation.

    I will say, very adamantly, that the PMU economy was "playable" from a player perspective but it definitely was not idea and will not fix itself any time soon. This might require going through old content and redesigning how spawns, items, money, etc is dropped and that is not a fun thing to do. I had to touch base with spawns because we just had completely dead areas in our game - places very, very obviously outclassing several other areas. Now most places see specific use or at least mention/acknowledgement, even with a small group of people on.

    As a sidenote: The fact that Dungeons can be used + dumped by the community and don't see use again shows huge design problems with PMU's overall structure. The regions are unorganized and make no sense from an incoming player's perspective, who often get lost and go point-to-point by whatever the players in chat say to do. The rest get ignored. Last I checked, documentation/resources for making your own goals are absolutely horrible. (Where do I find Bagon? Is Honedge in the game? Where should I train? Where do I get chests? How do most people know where to look for this stuff?) If PMU had a more linear guidance system [another topic I made forever ago], having dungeons see continual use as new players come in would be less of an issue. New players would also stick around instead of just being overwhelmed and giving up.

    Also a problem: each dungeon having things put into it with little respect to what other dungeons are offering. Some newer dungeons just straight up outclass older dungeons despite becoming available at similar times compared to player progress.

    I will also say that I haven't played PMU in a while (the grind got too much for me and now I can't reinstall for whatever reason), so if any of these have been thoroughly implemented already I apologize.
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    If we're going for money sinks as a way to "fix the economy (I'm not exactly sure how it is right now), then having more auctions would definitely help in regards to that. The one that BinaryBob pointed out pretty much gave out several Dratini eggs and a Bergmite.

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    Just gonna put this here but considering someone spent 12 million, a good portion of their money, on a torchic egg
    I'd say the auctions do wonders xD

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