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Thread: Sound Fix

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    Red face Sound Fix

    Hello player. Are you not hearing music and/or sound effects when going to wherever you go to? Then do i have a fix for you. Below are 2 links. One for the music, the other for the sound effects.

    Music was provided by Garlic.
    Sound Effects was provided by Kirk.

    Be sure to check the music link from time to time. I will add in the missing songs when they play for me. In the meantime, enjoy the selection to use in your house.

    [Edit by Kirk] Complete PMU Music that is Split into .Zip Packs provided by Kirk.
    Anime Pack:
    ColoXD Pack:
    Gen 3 Pack:
    Gen 4 Pack:
    Gen 5 Pack:
    Gen 6 Pack:
    Gen 7 Pack:
    PMD Pack:
    PPark Pack:
    Stadium Pack:
    Misc Pack:

    This is an example of where and how the music should be displayed in PMU's Music folder.
    Last edited by Garlic; 10-12-2017 at 04:41 AM. Reason: Removed the Bulletpoint "Music" link (as indicated in Red) since packs were added. The original link updated 2 something else

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    Every possible song pmu has is in that link. However, there are still some that refuse to play. I will attempt those another time.

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    You may need to try something else, some people can't seem to use google drive(if you could provide a guide, that might be better).
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    At first, it came to my attention that the link could not be viewed. And that was because Drive doesn't make it public automatically. After some reason, all 2,113 (as of this post) songs are public.

    If you don't know how to download them, look for an icon in the upper left (2nd from the left). That will let you download the entire folder. Move the respected files to \Music (or \SFX for the sound files). Enable the options on in the settings (if you have not yet) and enjoy playing with added songs.

    I also have a Discord up if you want to be notified of which songs are added in and which ones are broken (refuses to play).

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    Updated Garlic's post with new Packs for those who don't wish to download the entire thing. It also will enable you guys to find missing tracks in the large collection and thus Garlic can update that mega pack.

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