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Thread: Still Having Issues With My PMU Music

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    Question Still Having Issues With My PMU Music

    I downloaded Pokemon Mystery Universe again fairly recently, and I realised the download did not come with music. I've looked around and heard many different fixes. I've been told there is a download on Discord, however I do not know where that is. I saw someone put a free download up from Google Drive (if I recall), and I cannot seem to get that working either.

    I was curious if anyone had a fix?

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    Hi, yes, you need to download the music through this link, remember it's quite heavy and will take time. Be cautious when you extract your files into the music folder, sometimes when you extract, WinRar (in my case) makes an extra folder inside the music folder, so the files won't me readen by the game. Make sure all the music files one by one are extracted alone in the music folder of the client, no extra folder nor anything. I am not on my computer atm to guide you with screenshots but I think you get the idea.

    Hope you can fix it, I will edit this thread when I get home!
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