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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Universe: The purple chaos nuzlocke

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    Pokemon Mystery Esrevinu
    The purple disarter nuzlocke
    Episode -13: Too hard!

    - Realm of the internet:
    Delly : I can't do this, this is way too hard!
    Xindage: I know... i'll give you a second chance for who is still alive, i'm not an arceus after all.
    Delly: But my-
    Xindage: Don't spoiler please, for now on i'm unlocking your inventory and grinding, and from where you have failed you have a second recruit chance, goodbye!
    Delly: m-my friends...
    * Nuzlocke rules changed.

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    Original RTF file:
    Original form release, it may contain gramatical errors.
    Xindage: The next 3 episode from now on happens in same time line, just in diferent locations. Beggining by winden.

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 11: Shattered ice - Veezo & Elite's side story.

    - A few days ago at Winden range, after Leafysaur left the camp:
    After leafysaur decided to reach the winden region, to seek reinforcements for their partners she noticed that she was not alone, someone following sneakily through the trees...
    Leafysaur (talking to herself): What makes him think I have not noticed him yet... I know you've been there since I left camp... well, I better decide soon if I fight or run.
    Then Leafysaur stopped and began to look at what he had inside the bag.
    Leafysaur: So what he have there... berrys, apples, ethers and, oh a smoke ball, perfect!
    * Leafysaur used smoke ball.
    Using the smoke as a cover, she advanced preparing her attack on him.
    * Leafysaur used ice beam.
    Leafysaur: Well, done.
    When the smoke began to run out, he started to come out of it, applauding.
    Strange pokemon: Excelent aim, but weak.
    Leafysaur: HOLY ARCEUS!? What is you?
    Strange pokemon: Why care?
    * Strange pokemon used wood hammer.
    * Leafysaur fainted.
    Strange pokemon: Maybe I was too rought, it's better be alive...
    The strange pokemon took her away... Then have passed few days and any effort from both Kirk and Coki to find Leafysaur still was useless...
    - Deep Winden forest, secret hideout:
    When Leafysaur woke up she noticed a Miltank taking care of her wounds.
    Leafysaur: By Arceus, I thought I was dead...
    Miltank: Glad you not are, at least they let me take care of you Leafysaur.
    Even though she could not get up and her vision blurred, she recognized the pokemon who was taking care of her.
    Leafysaur: Chronum?
    Chronum: Yup, unfortunately this is not a meeting I would like to have.
    Leafsaur: Where we are?
    Chronum: Dunno, I just know I was locked up here by that pokemon., in this cage.
    Leafysaur: Did not you try to destroy the bars?
    Chronum: I tried, looks like be made of never melt ice, and for whoever it is, to have abandoned us here without escort, he must trust in what he built.
    Leafysaur: It's true, I've never seen a pokemon like that before...
    Chronum: He appears to be an abomasnow, only bigger and more powerful with purple eyes.
    Leafysaur: So, what we gonna do?
    Chronum: About you I suggest rest for now, for me... I'll still wait something happens.
    - Windem hall, elite's room.
    While it the elite team was trying to get hints to find Leafysaur and what is happening in windem region.
    Kirk: Okay, since we have some time left now, let's read the reports of our specialists.
    Coki: Right!
    After few minutes.
    Coki: Attack from wild snoovers, another attack of wild snoovers, by arceus!? another snoovers attack, what is the reason of this massive attacks, wait... something diferent, at crystal cave pieces from Regice was found scratered around the ground, possible... destroied?
    Kirk: Regice can recover after a few years but who would destroy him, and why?
    Coki: It's said here, they found tracks of a grass pokemon in the pieces.
    Kirk: Another strange report here, from winden mountains, they have spoted a battle between two Jirachis and the Celebi was nearbly too, after the battle one of the Jirachis and the Celebi entered on a portal after it the other Jirachi left the place, and Palkia was noticed nearbly... what!?
    Coki: How it's possible to have two Jirachis?
    Kirk: First this is not possible, second if this report is real one of that Jirachi can only be mew, and Palkia... possible Mew is messing with dimensionals portals, this is the only reason to palkia come after them.
    Coki: Legendary pokemons around... they was most likely to appear aways alone and usualy to challenge strong opponents just for fun or training.
    Kirk: Right, for now i'll set another team to investigate deeper the crystal cave.
    * knocks in the door.
    Coki: Come in.
    * Veezo opened the door.
    Veezo: I'm late?
    Coki: Not much, we're still reading the reports.
    Veezo: I took more time than I expected in the Windem forest, due to a strong and unknown presence, in fact the abomasnow that usually challenge the explorers is no longer there anymore.
    Kirk: This is starting to make sense, we were attacked by a group of snovers near the camp, so the Abomasnow disappears, now the Regice was destroyed by a grass pokémon, our answer is in the crystal cave for sure!
    Coki: I volunteer for this mission, sir!
    Kirk: You're not going alone, Veezo i count whit you too!
    Veezo: Right sir!
    Coki: I'll take my things, see you outside Veezo.
    Veezo: okay.
    - In cristal cave entrance:
    Coki: I'm ready and you?
    Veezo: Wait a minute...
    Veezo took a few steps in circles and came back.
    Veezo: I think... I dunno, lets go...
    * Veezo droped a red card in floor.
    Soon after they had entered another Pokémon was following them. Minutes later Kirk reached the entrance of the cave too.
    * Kirk picked up the card.
    Kirk: Red card... Thanks Veezo, let's start the party.

    ------------------- Special episode <> Side storys.

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    Original RTF file:
    Original form release, it may contain gramatical errors.
    Xindage: So this is how humans end in pokemon's world, FORCED!

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 12: Help from other dimension - Legendaries side story.

    - Winden mountain range:
    Celebi and Mew after findind Jirachi they asked for a wish and Jirachi wanted battle with Mew for the exchange.
    Mew: We don't have time for this Jirachi!
    Jirachi: No battle no wish!
    Mew: Ok I'll battle...
    Jirachi: Have so much time i didn't do any wish, that'll be awesome.
    Mew: So let's do this fair.
    * Mew used transform.
    They battled for few minutes until...
    * Mew Future sight landed.
    Jirachi: Ok, I give up, anyway I think there is enough energy around to fulfill the wish.
    Celebi: So you need battles to collect the energy spend around?
    Jirachi: Yes, you dont think i alone can do this all, do you?
    Mew: So much talking, can we have the wish?
    Jirachi: Sure.
    Jirachi floated high and begin to collecting all the energy around and concentrate it all in a big energy ball and them throwed it on a wall creating a dimensional portal.
    Mew: A dimensional portal?
    Jirachi: What the poblem of it?
    Mew: I think of only Palkia was capable of it.
    Jirachi: I just realized the wish and that turned into it, and better hurry get in and take the help of you want, i don't know how much time i'll keep this portal open.
    Celebi: You coming whit us?
    Jirachi: I cant go on in other pokemon's wish.
    Mew: Right, let's go.
    After entering the portal, they was send to a cave in some unknown place.
    - Unova region, Somewhere deep in the forest near route 2.
    Celebi: We ended in a cavern?
    Mew: This cavern is not real, i can feel that was created due the dimensional portal presence.
    Celebi: Let's hurry to outside and take a look.
    Mew: Good.
    - While it on outside:
    Joseph: So Ares, seens a good place to we stay and rest for a little?
    Ares: Fe!
    Joseph: There is nothing better than the shadows of these trees in this forest and this wind so refreshing.
    Joseph is a trainer from Kalos he came from there when your family separated, he came with father to Unova while his mother stayed on Kalos, he promised after beating all gyms of Unova, he'll come back to Kalos to see her again, he brought with him also Ares the Fennekin, his pokémon since they were children and 3 Basic Z-Stones and a Z-Ring of the mother gave him to use. Ares born and lived few years in Joseph family, throughout that time, both have gotten an excellent bond and relationship, and now that she's become their initial pokemon she's doing her best to get stronger.
    - Back at cave exit:
    The cave was short and it ended in front of a forest.
    Mew: Quickly, we must find the help of we're looking for, before the portal clo-
    They both hear Joseph voice.
    Celebi: Did you hear it?
    Mew: Yes, over here.
    They sneaked around the bushes to spy what lies ahead and both begin to whisper between them.
    Celebi: What pokemon is it?
    Mew: It's not a pokemon... it's a human!?
    Celebi: An human?
    Mew: Wait... Run that fennekin spotted us!
    - On Joseph view side:
    Ares: Feeene! Grrrrrr!
    Joseph: Why are you growling, is there something there?
    Ares begin to chase whatever he have noticed in bushes.
    Joseph: Wait Ares! Gosh what the matter whit her?
    After some running they got directly at cave entrance and Ares just go inside whitout hesitating.
    - On the cavern:
    Celebi: Her is going to reach us, what we gonna do?
    Mew: I dunno... wait! hide bellow the rocks and hide the portal!
    Celebi: Got it.
    Following Mew instructions her hide her and the portal.
    Mew: Time for some... confusion!
    * Mew used Tranform.
    After Ares reached them they seen another Fennekin looking at him and started to battle.
    Ares: Fe!?
    * Fennekin used ember!
    When Joseph reached them he saw both fighting and he dont recognized who was the real one.
    Joseph: What the?
    He run in middle of battle to stop them and suddently one of the fennekin used psychic and pushed both them againts the invisible portal...
    * Mew returned to original form.
    Celebi: Was it your idea?
    Mew: You had a better one? let's go before it close.
    - At dimensional hole:
    Celebi: They both fainted and where's the exit of here?
    Mew: Strange the portal closed...
    Suddenly a crackling sound of glass took over.
    Celebi: This is not good!
    Mew: Please dont be who i was thinking of is!
    After the destruction of dimensional hole they see who was behind it... Palkia, but they eye proved something diferent, they was not here for any good.
    Mew: No time to think twice.
    * Mew used transform:
    Mew: Hold on me i'll open a portal below us.
    Celebi: And them?
    Mew: They'll fall with us, but dont worry i'll let them have a safe fell.
    * Mew opened an portal.
    And they just fell over the portal and Palkia followed them!

    ------------------- Special episode <> Side storys.
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    Original RTF file:
    Original form release, it may contain gramatical errors.
    Xindage: And like mariku says! LET'S BATTLE!!1
    This episode features both Bubbly and Pencil of pmu.

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 13: A disaster after the tournament.

    - Grassroot town, morning:
    Soon after we finished shopping with Pophe we went to sleep. Even though I did not pay much attention to the tournament I ended up waking up too early, it was still dark, but I decided to go for a walk and train a little, I miss the old days when I went out for a walk and Omega notice. When I got back it was already close to the tournament schedule.
    Delly: Hello guys.
    Kamila: Hi
    Pophe: Hey Delly, where did you go?
    Delly: Train a little... you know, before the tournament start.
    Pophe: The tournament? Delly you don't tell me anything?
    Kamila: That's cool Delly!
    Delly: And you Pophe is coming with me!
    Pophe: But i was planning to train with Kamila and Flowey today.
    Delly: Well i need just one partner for the tournament, Acadia is taking care of the egg, Flowey is starting with us, Kamila no offense but you just know splash, so only you can help me.
    Pophe: But... ok Delly.
    Delly: You sure!?
    Pophe: Yes!
    Pophe: YES I'M READY!
    Delly: SO LETS GO!
    Kamila: These two...
    So we went to the tournament.
    Kamila: Well so i'll go train whit Flowey.
    - Grassroot dojo:
    Many pokémons were coming and it was really crowded.
    Delly: From what is said in the poster that was in the doorway the tournament will be in the arena, maybe we should go down that ladder there.
    - Dojo arena:
    And here we are, gez, why I accepted come to this tournament after all? oh true, the one thousands pokés...
    Delly: Let's find Mariku.
    Pophe: He is over there.
    Delly: Let me go talk with him.
    Pophe: Ok i'll wait here.
    So I went to him to talk.
    Delly: Hello Mariku.
    Mariku: Hi, Delly and thanks for coming, By the way this is Pencil from elite he came from Tanren to help me with the tournament.
    Pencil is a Timburr but holding something diferent than a usual tree trunk.
    Delly: Nice to meet you.
    Pencil: Nice to meet you too.
    Mariku: So, the tournament is going to start soon, you want to do the opening battle Pencil?
    Pencil: Of course I want to!
    Mariku: So Delly I'll register you here and then when it's your turn I'll call you, right?
    Delly: Right.
    Mariku: Before just tell me, who is going to be your partner on battle?
    Delly: Pophe.
    Mariku: Thanks.
    So I went back where my partner was.
    Delly: All ready Pophe.
    Pophe: Cool, and look! it's going to start now!
    Delly: Actually this is the opening battle, oh gosh is that same Wigglytuff from housing center!?
    - At arena:
    * Mariku picks a microfone.
    Mariku: So the montly tournament is going to start! This time to open the tournament we're going to have a very special battle, The elite Pencil from Tanren town!
    Pencil threw his trunk upwards and after picking it started to spin it very quickly.
    Mariku: And our senior specialist Wigglytuff, the Leonard!
    Leonard did nothing but keep staring at Pencil.
    Mariku: Begin the battle!
    (Pokemon bw2 Kanto champion music start)
    * Wigglytuff used play rough.
    Mariku: So Leonard decided to start the battle charging at pencil! And Pencil is not ever moving what's her plan?
    * Pencil used Protect and super power throwing Leonard far.
    Mariku: So that was the Pencil plan, her is not ever caring about the side effects of using a super power in a fairy type!
    * Pencil take some steps foward and used a stone edge.
    Mariku: Pencil is not giving time for Leonard and here goes the stone edge!
    * Leonard looks to the move and quick evaded to left and used copycat at sucefully landed it.
    Mariku: Ouch, this one hit hard but pencil was able to sustain the hit.
    * Leonard used play rough.
    Mariku: Leonard is again using the play rough and pencil is again not moving!
    * Attack sucefully landed and pencil still tryes to hold off the pressure of the attack.
    Mariku: Pencil is still blocking Leonard's play rough... wait is her smiling?
    Pencil: My turn!
    * Pencil unleashed the stored energy.
    Leonard was fired at a huge speed against the wall on the other side of the arena, so much dust rose that could not even see what happened to him.
    Mariku: By arceus, looks this power! using the bide in right time really turned the thing to pencil's side.
    * An unexpected flamethrower comes from the dusts hiting Pencil.
    Mariku: And ever after this all Leonard was capable of attacking? this guy is really strong.
    Pencil knelt on the ground trying to catch himself on the trunk, surely the blow hit her full.
    Pencil: Good... battle...
    * Pencil fell fainted.
    Mariku: Pencil fainted! Leonard is the winner of the opening battle!
    Everyone: Leonard! Leonard! Leonard!
    - Back at Delly:
    Delly: These two really know how to do a a fight.
    Mariku: For the next battle I will mix all the names of the participants inside a cauldron and raffle them! Sp for the next battle we have Bubbly team and Delly team!
    Delly: The first! why!?
    Pophe: Don't worry, let me begin.
    I gave him the badge and i warped to inside it.
    Mariku: And the first round is up, battle!
    Delly: Pophe Bubbly seens to be a water type maybe its easy to you take her down.
    Pophe: Take this!
    * Pophe used bullet seed.
    Mariku: And Pophe started with... bullet seed?
    Bubbly: Hey dude, first azurills are not water type.
    * Bubbly jumped on the ceiling.
    Bubbly: Second i'm a sap sipper!
    * Bubbly used bouce on pophe.
    Mariku: And there's an effective hit from bubbly, have pophe endured the hit?
    Delly: This is bad, do you have anything else than grass moves?
    Pophe: Just fairy wind.
    Delly: So use it.
    * Pophe run to up of Bubbly and used fairy wind and it critical hit.
    Mariku: Now Pophe tried a different move but does he know type effectiveness?
    Bubbly: Fairy wind are you kidding me!?
    * Bubbly used slam on pophe.
    Mariku: Bubbly used another move directly at Pophe and he is out.
    * Pophe fainted and Delly switched in.
    Mariku: Now Delly has two opponents to take out, her going to do it.
    * Delly used quick attack.
    Mariku: The first attack of Delly was awsome, that's what i call fast!
    * Bubbly jumped again in ceiling.
    Delly: Not this time.
    * Delly used another quick attack droping Bubbly in floor fainted
    Mariku: And Delly dont let Bubbly set her attack, now Bubbly is out of combat, time for the next opponent, Krokorok!
    * Mariku whispered with Pencil.
    Mariku: Did you give him the band I suggested?
    Pencil: Sure, the powder band, anyway are you sure of it?
    Mariku: Yes i'm!
    Mariku: What are you guys looking, time to battle!
    Is he Vatir? He looks different... well ley me start.
    * Delly charged at Krokorok using wing attack.
    Mariku: And Delly hit Vatir directly on head!
    * Powder began to fload around.
    All that dust hurt on my eyes, i landed trying to clear it and after that i just get very angry for some reason.
    Vatir: What is that? Rage powder!?
    * Vatir used sandstorm.
    Mariku: Delly!? Delly? Are you ok?
    * Delly opened the eyes and used directly a water pulse.
    Mariku: Vatir is playing easy with Delly? He was again directly hit in face!
    * Delly began to use in sequence much of his movements at random.
    Mariku: Delly sure get the hang of fighting what is Vatir doing just enduring the attacks.
    Vatir: DELLY! HEAR ME!
    * Vatir used shadow claw, smashing Delly against the ground.
    And yes, that's the last thing of i remember, being smashed...
    * Delly fainted.
    Mariku: Wow and Delly was take out in a single hit, Vatir is the winner of first round.
    He take me on his lap and teleported himself out of the arena.
    Vatir: Give me now this reviver! i'm out of this tournament!
    Mariku: Ok here is.
    Vatir left the tournament whitout looking back.
    Mariku: So, Vatir gave up about the tournament, we're going to revive the Bubbly and Pophe and keep continuing the tournaments!
    - Grassroot town.
    Vatir sat on the pews of the square, and crumbled the reviver upon me.
    Vatir: Cmon wake up Delly...
    I was still tired of the battle, but I was beginning to feel better, when I could wake up I noticed that I was on his lap.
    Delly: Where we're?
    Vatir: Outside, i left the tournament, was not fair to them put you against me. Including the fact that they have given me a wrong band causing a fury effect on you.
    Delly: Well, I'm sorry, too.
    Vatir: Don't mind it, just take your time.
    This guy is so careful with me, I think I even love him. Although everything is already over I'm going to enjoy the moment and rest in him laps. Then Pophe come out the dojo to see me too.
    Pophe: Is her okay?
    Vatir: Looks like yes, i've hurt her a lot but reviver can slowly recover her, i'll keep her with me today in case if her need something.
    Pophe: Right, from what i can see the town is empty, everyone is on the tournament and my team probrably left to do missions, i'll see how Acadia is going, see you.
    Vatir: Bye.
    Pophe left for the inn and Vatir took me with him to my tree and keep holding me.
    - Grassroot inn:
    Pophe: Acadia?
    Acadia: Hi pophe.
    Pophe: I come to see how you are.
    Acadia: I'm fine, ever not being big i'm trying my best to keep the egg heat, and see touch it.
    * Pophe touched the egg with him leafs.
    Pophe: Wow!?
    Acadia: Did you see that it's moving!
    Pophe: Heh congratulations Acadia.
    Acadia: Thanks, soon you're coming to this world and i'll be there to help you!
    Acadia really felt like a mother, for those who wanted to become strong to fight the bad guys she really clung to that egg.
    - Back to grassroot town:
    The sky was darkening even with the sun clearly visible, and Vatir was already sensing something strange.
    Vatir: Strange...
    Delly: Vatir?
    Vatir: Look on sky!
    I turned my body and noticed the dark sky, moreover I noticed something, someone very strong and possessed coming, my eyes began to intesifies the bright.
    Vatir: What's wrong whit you Delly?
    Delly: Get me out of here Vatir, please go!
    It was then that I started to see a hole opening in the sky and two giant pokemons falling and fighting.
    Vatir: Palkias!?
    Both posed close to the houses and then one Palkia struck the other, revealing herself to be a transformed Mew. After that she looked at us and started channeling a black energy sphere and tossed it at us, I closed my eyes expecting the worse and...
    * Pophe jumped in the way of the projectile.
    A huge explosion occurred near us, a cloud of black smoke took over and I could not see anything else.

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 1
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 22 at 45% Female Leader
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 22 at 52% Male Active
    Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 13 at 79% Female Active
    Weedle Acadia |Lvl 11 at 23% Female Active
    Sunkern Flowey |Lvl 3 at 0% Male Active

    - Mew's Viewpoint of battle:
    Mew: I must stop Palkia...
    Mew was still too weak to get up, So Celebi looked around, took a deep breath, and tackled on palkia, upon reaching her...
    Celebi: Please do our best to save us, i count whit you!
    Mew: Please Celebi dont do it!
    Celebi: I can not let her hurt anyone else. YOU COME WITH ME!!!
    * Celebi used teleport.
    * Mew used transform and run away.
    - On the space.
    Palkia took celebi to Rayquasa...
    Rayquasa: Who would say you come to me willingly.
    Celebi: Release me you monster and i'll show you.
    Rayquasa: In reality you should listen to my idea that as you join me, I'll let you show what you want.
    Celebi: Join you, you must be kidding.
    * He points a purple crystal toward her.
    Rayquasa: I'm not!
    Rayquasa: Don't resist, this is not going to hurt.
    - A minute later.
    Rayquasa: Just more 13 legendaries left, ready to come my friend?
    Celebi: Yes my lord.
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    Original RTF file:
    Original form release, it may contain gramatical errors.
    Xindage: Here goes Delly "Vatir is my hero! ♥"

    - West of Grassroot town several hours after the fight between Dialga and Mew.
    After Mew was defeated, her portal lost strength and broke, leaving Joseph and Ares in free fall from the sky, fortunately Joseph fell into a lake, and Ares fell into a tree, after the fall they awoke. Joseph began to scream for help, Ares, even injured, came down from the tree and picked up a branch and tried to help Joseph.
    Ares: Here hold it!
    Ares pulled him out of the lake and they both lay on the bank to regain their strength until Joseph realized that Ares had spoken.
    Joseph: You talked!?
    Ares: Of course I talked whit you, you don't wanted help?
    Joseph: Well thanks Ares, you saved my life now. WAIT a minute!
    Joseph: You never talked whit me before, I mean... I never understood you!
    Ares: What do you mean with it? I dont ever know who are you, and how do you know my name?
    They both stood and looked at each other.
    Joseph: Boy I must be dreaming... i'm hearing pokemons talk.
    Ares: You're strange, anyway i must find Joseph now, I'm sure of i can hold the pain and find him.
    Joseph: But I'm joseph.
    As he pointed forward he realized that his hand was green.
    Joseph: AHHH MY HANDS!?
    Ares: What's your poblem treecko!?
    Joseph: A treecko? No I'm not a treecko I'm a human! This is not real!
    Ares: Dude stop doing it you're scaring me!
    Joseph: This is a dream, I'm sure and I'll wake over!
    Joseph approached Ares and placed his paws on his shoulders.
    Joseph: I'm a human! Do you remenber it Ares!?
    A wingull appeared behind the nearby bushes.
    Delly: What is that all screaming and what's a human?

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 14: Aftermath.

    A huge explosion occurred near us, a cloud of black smoke took over and I could not see anything else.
    Delly: Oh my!?
    Vatir: Stay here i'll try to clear this smoke.
    He put me on ground and used sandstorm to clear the smoke, after I was able to see again there was nothing there, like if nothing happened.
    Vatir: Where they're?
    Delly: I can't sense it anymore, looks like if it disapeared.
    Vatir: Looks like no one aside us have seen it. There's no one outside of dojo.
    Them Acadia screamed from inn.
    Acadia: What happened outside here?
    We come close to her to talk.
    Delly: I'm not too sure, I saw two legendary pokemons fighting, one of them threw a black ball at us and apparently missed us. But now they have disappeared...
    Acadia: Did you see Pophe? He left the inn just a minute ago.
    Vatir: No i dont...
    Dude... this is not the first time Pophe gets hurt because of somebody else, I've already looked back worried.
    Delly: I hope Pophe havent did it.
    I went back to where we were at the time of the explosion, and I found traces of something that crawled on the ground, taking the grass from the place, following the trail it ended with nothing at the end.
    Vatir: I'm already sure that pophe was hit by that ball by the marks on the floor, it has a little purple color... I have only two things to tell you Delly.
    Vatir: First that attack is what i'm thinking, he was sure take into a dimensional travel, the second is... if he survived the attack....
    Delly: Please no, dont tell it!
    I've already gone into despair again, I do not want to lose another partner, and I've already started looking for him around.
    Vatir: Acadia dont follow her, I know when she is in this way better not interfere.
    - West of Grassroot town several hours after the fight between Dialga and Mew.
    It's sad... I cant find any tip from where's Pophe, I also havent noticed how much time I was looking by him, but I was hearing screans behind a nearbly bush and I decided to check it.
    Joseph: This is a dream, I'm sure and I'll wake over!
    Joseph: I'm a human! Do you remenber it Ares!?
    This is was when I reached there.
    Delly: What is that all screaming and what's a human?
    Joseph: A Talking wingull!?
    Delly: Huh!?
    Joseph: Ares do something! Use ember!
    Delly: What?
    Instinctively Ares obeyed him and realized that it was true, he's his trainer. This fennekin started attacking me for no reason and I did not want to react violently.
    Delly: Stop it.
    Joseph: Keep attacking her.
    The treecko began to look around certainly looking for something and then ran out to a backpack that was on the ground, he took something strange in there so I realized that I had better start fighting before something worse happens.
    Delly: I warned you!
    * Delly used water pulse in Ares.
    Joseph: Ares!? You little thing take this, pokeball go!
    He threw a colored ball at me with force, I tried to bar it with the wing. I did not understand much what happened, I felt a slight tingling and something holding me, I was still tired of the tournament and that fennekin made me too weak... I could not resist...
    Joseph: Okay, I caught it, let's hide somewhere before anyone else "speaker" shows up.
    Ares: I really can not believe you're my trainer, how did this happen to you?
    Joseph: I dunno, let's go down to that crater.
    Near there was a small crater, they decided to go there.
    Joseph: Okay, here we have some privacy.
    Ares: But what are we going to do?
    Joseph: Seriously I do not know, all this is very strange, alias it's all your fault!
    Ares: My fault!?
    Joseph: Yes, if you had not followed the "know what" in that cave we would still be in unova.
    Ares: I have seen two pokemons spying on us and they were certainly rare, it's not my fault if you're a beginner.
    Joseph: This discussion is useless, we have to think of something.
    Ares: You're terrified, you better stop thinking and how about you talk to our friend wingull speaker? You can still trust me if it tries anything.
    Joseph: Ok, let's go wingull.
    It was as if time had not even run when I was released from it, I was totally scared not knowing what to do.
    Delly: What you want of me?
    I was not wanting to show much but I was already crying with nervousness.
    Joseph: Awsners, so first where we are?
    Delly: Exbel...
    Ares: I never heard about it?
    Joseph: Where's the nearest town?
    Delly: Just follow this road to east it's not too far... please let me go?
    Joseph: No, Ares check if It's saying the truth, go and check it.
    Ares: But... you'll be ok?
    Joseph: I have the pokeball here if it tries something.
    I stood where I was, trying to imagine something I could do, meanwhile his fennekin was to follow the road.
    Joseph: And these eyes?
    Delly: I'ts my normal eyes...
    Delly: And why are you keeping me prisoner? I have nothing with me.
    Joseph: I dont know where I'm and since you appears to know about here I need to keep you.
    Delly: You can just ask any pokemon here, we're not monsters.
    Joseph: Silence please... it's not so simple.
    - Grassroot town.
    After arriving in the town of Grassroot, Ares was very confused by what she saw, she never saw a large community made up of only Pokémons.
    Ares (Talking to herself): How this is possible? There's just pokemons here, and looks like a town build by them, I'll try look around a bit more.
    The rest of my team was at the inn, but Vatir was sitting next to my tree and watched the fennekin who seemed to be very impressed with the city.
    Vatir (Talking to himself): Her is not from there, somehow remenber me of Delly when she was for the first time in this town, she also looks worried...
    After getting close to the newsletters she realized that they really were well organized, and even being a language she had never seen before she could understand what was written there easily.
    Ares: I must hurry up and warn Joseph!
    Vatir: Suspect... i'll follow her.
    - West Exbel, crater hideout.
    Ares: Joseph you'll not believe in what I have seen, there's lot's of pokemon in city there and not just it, I mean the city has just pokemons.
    Joseph: What!?
    Ares: True, how I can explain it's like if humans was never in this place and-
    Then Vatir appeared on top.
    Vatir: What do you know about humans!? Delly?
    Joseph: Another one of them? Ares use ember oh him.
    Fennekin used the ember in him, and Vatir reacted in same way.
    * Vatir used bite.
    Vatir held her in his mouth until she managed to escape.
    Ares: He is too strong i'll not resist another attack.
    Joseph: Well my mon told me to just use it when I really need, so I think thats the time.
    He quickly reached into his backpack for a white bracelet with a red crystal and put on his arm and began to make strange movements, and both started to say something too.
    Joseph and Ares: Our union will be the most perfect, demonstrated in pure power!
    * Ares prepared her Z-move.
    Joseph and Ares: Inferno overdrive!
    I had never seen anything like it in my entire life, it seemed like something out of this world.
    Vatir: By arceus what is it, anyway not today!
    Then Ares threw the fireball in the direction of Vatir, and when it exploded I was sure of one thing, anyone in town would hear and see that, now I'm worried about Vatir, is he okay?
    Joseph: Good we hit him.
    When the smoke dissipated I realized he was not there.
    Ares: Where is he?
    * Vatir emerged from the ground using dig.
    * Ares fainted.
    Vatir: Now i suggest you drop everything you have there or eles.
    * Vatir prepared a shadow claw.
    Joseph: …
    Then he dropped his things on the floor.
    Vatir: I'm not sure what you want whit Delly but you seens up to no good, what you're doing?
    Joseph: I have nothing to tell you.
    Vatir: In a normal situation I would now take you to the elite to judge you, but something you said really caught my attention... Humans, what do you know about it?
    Joseph: …
    Vatir: Okay, so I'll make sure you stay in prison for a long time.
    Joseph: No, wait... i'm-
    That's when a bunch of Pokemons started to appear by the edges of the crater we were in.
    Vatir: Tell me!
    Then Joseph pointed to behind of Vatir.
    Vatir: Oops.
    Mariku: What is going on here? I saw a huge explosion here.
    Vatir (Speaking low for us): You guys dont say anything i'll handle it.
    Vatir: A golem had a little disagreement with this fennekin here, it exploded and ran away.
    Mariku: And is she's okay?
    Vatir: She'll be fine, i have some revivers with me, there's nothing to worry about.
    Mariku: Right, everyone moving they just had a pokemon battle there.
    Then they started to leave.
    Vatir: I do not believe they believe.
    Vatir: Now say...
    Joseph: I'm a human, well actually I used to be a human.
    Vatir: This is poblematic, Delly, can you get up?
    Delly: Yes.
    Vatir: Take it treecko, and put this seed in your fennekin mouth.
    Joseph: What is it?
    Vatir: Just a reviver seed, and keep her on control, or I'll have to hurt her again.
    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 2
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 23 at 22% Female Leader
    Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 14 at 01% Female Active
    Weedle Acadia |Lvl 11 at 23% Female Active
    Sunkern Flowey |Lvl 8 at 87% Male Active
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 22 at 52% Male Death

    Delly: Hi, my dear readers, I'm here to say that something new is about to come, to celebrate my thousand visualizations.
    Vatir: It's not just you Delly...
    Acadia: We all are here.
    Veezo: Don't forget about me too, I'm in windem but I'm here too.
    Mew: No matter where each of us is, we will be gathered to participate.
    Delly: In the "Questions and Answers", hehe... Xindage can explain it better.
    Xindage: Dear reader, I'm loving writing this fiction, mixing a bit of my story I'm creating with my nuzlocke, and I'd really love to be able to increase the content of it with this little "Questions and Answers" event, similar to the pokemon comics we have around the Internet.
    Delly: To participate is simple you have 2 options, you can send your question directly to Xindage in discord, and do not need to be shy or be afraid it does not bite.
    Xindage: Delly... Okay the second option is to send a direct message right here on the PMU forum.
    Delly: Remember, we will accept any question, for anyone of that fiction.
    Xindage: So you can choose, for example, any member of the elite or even the fearful Rayquasa, all will respond without giving much spoilers, I nearly forget tell me who is the target of your question too.
    Delly: I can hardly wait for this.
    Xindage: Calm my friend, well depending on the amount I can choose the end of each episode to pass the answers or one at a time for each episode.
    Everyone: See you on the next episode!!!

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