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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Universe: The purple chaos nuzlocke

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    Pokemon Mystery Universe: The purple chaos nuzlocke

    Title card made by Leafysaur. S2

    - Author note read it is IMPORTANT!
    • Warning it may cointain death because its nuzlocke based.
    • This story is original mine Xindage (Luiz Henrique) using has base a real nuzlocke gameplay in a fan pokemon game called "Pokemon Mystery Universe" (Pmu) this fiction uses some npcs from the original game including few players of game too.
    • Aside for people of i give the rights to edit it, no one else is allowed to use/reuse/edit this fiction whitout my permission!
    • Like every pokemon here can die, Delly can too (i hope that not happen) so be prepared to anything there.
    • Thanks for everyone from pmu for being so cool whit me, and for "Cheshire Sphin" who motived to go ahead.

    ---------------- // Extra stuffs.
    • Since my fiction was made in Rich Text format the formating of the fiction here may not be so acurrate.
    • All episodes including the old ones can be found here: (Recommended if you care about the formating)
    • Few nuzlocke rules is already set but i dont know if someone ever did it before so my rules may be wrong so if necessary i'll change them.
    • If you want you can join in my history and ever participate on this, just find me (Delly) in game and we can do some play.

    ---------------- // Nuzlocke Rules (Read it only if you want)
    -> Inventory: (Inventory rules is not used anymore)
    - Each 10 levels of a dungeon you can bring more 1 item to it, so if the base level is 30 i can bring 3 itens and etc.
    - No revivers can be used aside from the ones found in the said dungeon.
    - Escape orbs can be used to flee in any case of need.

    -> Pokemons:
    - If a pokemon faint and revivers are not used its considered "dead" and must be released*.
    - *Escape ropes can be used to flee ALIFE if a pokemon is knocked out.
    - Only the first recruitment of each dungeon must be accepted, and only 1 egg from each place.
    - Overworld recruitment is not allowedl.
    - My starter of this nuzlocke i choose to be a Wingull.

    -> Misc:
    - Events is not considered for role of this fiction nor participative too.
    - Missions did can be or not be used in this fiction, so it may look be leveling\ranking up very fast.
    - Dungeon grinding is allowed but i'll try not abuse with same pokemon too much.
    - (Not revealed unless delly survive until the designed point of i desire)

    Starting on level 1 and no inventory i'll desing the history around it while i choose the dungeons to beat.

    ---------------- // Changelogs!
    - Episode 2 got mysteriosly cut maybe because of forum limit. -Fixed 10/11/2017
    - I Cant find a way to rename the topic so it has to keep "[Ep 1 & 2]" sorry... -Fixed (thanks Leafysaur) 11/22/2017
    - I acidentally tipo the wrong % of xp that poochiena had in ep 4 its actualy 31%.
    - Natsu was the wip name of Vatir during the early dev, sorry guys... - Fixed 10/31/2017
    - Posted the wrong version of episode 8 sorry Veezo - Fixed 11/22/2017
    - Nuzlocke rules changed. - 12/20/2017
    - Implemeting some formating. (just this post yet) - 01/20/2018
    - Episodes 1, 2 and 3 got few revisions, nothing so big. 01/20/2018
    - Veezo's Flareon name got replaced, acidental reusage at ep 18 sorry. 03/28/2018
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    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 1: No past to remenber.

    - Exbel region: Island Garden Home of various wild pokemon.
    I'm Delly the wingull. I was a wild pokemon that born and lived in Island Garden, like any wild pokemon here I never got in contact with the civilized ones and never battled before. A mysterious rain befell Exbel and persisted for several days and was getting stronger as it persisted. One of those rainy days, I was trying to seek cover from the rain under a few rocks near a tree when a powerful purple lightning bolt hit the tree, electrocuting me and making I lose my memories. On the next day when the rain stopped and I was found by a rescue team and sent to the Grassroot inn where Milly the Meganium and Snap the Bayleef take care of injured pokemons.

    - Milly's Grassroot inn:
    Delly: Urrg my head...
    I covered my head with my wings trying to endure the pain.
    Snap: Milly, come in here she's moving now!
    I was so weak that i was barely able to talk...
    Delly: Wh- who're you? what happened to me?
    Milly: Calm down, you were gravely injured almost like you were toasted.
    Delly: What is that all about? W-why i'm here?
    Milly: Few rescuers found and brought you here, you have been fainted ever since, for like a week.
    Snap: And Don't you get up yet, I'll give you some food, you still need to recover.
    Delly: Right...
    Milly: Lucky we didn't get more injured pokemon from around, this storm was for sure not normal.
    I've never seen these two before but they seem so nice, I wonder what actually happened... I can't remenber a thing.
    Snap: There's your food.
    Delly: Thanks so much.
    I tried get up but I fell too heavy so I decided to take my apple and eat it while lying there. After few bites into it, I don't remenber how but I fell asleep again, only to wake up the next morning.
    Snap: Good morning.
    Delly: I-I dont know how to thanks you.
    Snap: No need sweetheart, just take care. Try spending some time outside in the town you'll fell better.
    Delly: Thanks but where is that meganium?
    Snap: She is sleeping whileIi take care of the things for now, she work so hard and deserves it.
    Delly: Ok, i'm gonna leave for now...

    - Grassroot Town:
    It was still cloudy and dark, probably was too early yet the good the feeling of fresh air refreshed my body. I looked around and saw a few pokemon around. This place was so strange and new for me, big structures and objects around. I began to walk around them when a Sandile came out of nowhere behind me.
    Sandile: Hey you there.
    Delly: AH! oh hi.
    Sandile: Hello my name is Vatir, I live in this lake.
    Delly: Delly, i'm just looking around.
    He began to walk around me.
    Vatir: Interesting... From what i see you are not from here but you are still one of us.
    Delly: What do you mean?
    Vatir: Usualy the pokemon of outside are kinda unfriendly and ever since this storm began things have gotten even worse. Are you a wild pokemon?
    Vatir: Sorry I mean pokemon that live outside the town?
    Delly: Well I don't know anything like this place, I don't know how I'm even here.
    Vatir: Alright let me introduce you to this place, Grassroot Town is one of the major towns in this region...
    I had no idea what's a town but I just heard what he had to say.
    Vatir: So to keep things right you better visit the housing center before anything else and register yourself here.
    Delly: Register?
    Vatir: Yes, see that big Pelipper building? Just go there, they'll give you extra information.
    Delly: Right.
    This is so confusing, anyway when I got closer to that strange building I noticed a lot of pokemon looking at a wooden pannel full of paper flyers stuck on it and a big door beside it. On entering the door I just stood still till a pelipper decided to talk with me.
    Pelliper: Need something?
    Delly: erm- err, I dunno a sandile told me to come here, for a thing called register.
    Pelliper: So you're a new pokemon here? Come closer here.
    Strange, yet I did what he wanted.
    Pelliper: Tell me your name?
    Delly: Delly.
    Pelliper: Right, you're a wingull called Delly, gender?
    Delly: Female.
    Pelliper: Ok hold on there a minute.
    He got to inside and came back after a few minutes.
    Pelliper: Take it.
    He gave me a odd thing with 2 petals on each side one with my name on it. The petal had a gradient blue to white color while the others was all gray.
    Pelliper: This is going to be your most valuable thing here, when you want to leave any dungeon just squeeze this pink part of this badge and DON'T lost it.
    Delly: Eek! ok ok I Understand.
    While leaving the place I saw Vatir waiting for me outside. We began to talk while, walking around the town...
    Vatir: So everything done.
    Delly: Yes I think...
    Vatir: Ok hear me out, for you to begin, get some money to buy food and supplies. You'll need to visit dungeons to know the place and then do missions to get rewarded for it.
    That Pelipper said near the same thing, dungeons.
    Delly: Sorry to interrupt, what is a dungeon?
    Vatir: No poblem, always better to ask. A dungeon is a place that changes every time you get inside it, no one knows yet as to why. Usually there are wild pokemon in there who are aways ready to attack anyone that gets inside.
    This sounds not so cool at first.
    Delly: Seems very dangerous...
    Vatir: Not so much, if you choose the right place you'll be fine, all dungeons have their own difficulty and challenges, you just need to choose the right one, so you know how to battle?
    Delly: No I've never done it...
    Vatil: So, a wingull is most capable of shoting water try one on me.
    Delly: On you? but how?
    Vatir: Right... look at me I'm gonna bite that tree. You don't need to really try what I'm doing, its just an example.
    We get close to tree and sandile begin to look at it.
    Vatir: First you concentrate you focus, so look on the target.
    Delly: Yes.
    Vatir: Then you breathe and you'll do it.
    The teeths of Vatir begin to glow and he charged and bit the tree, lot of leafs begin to fall and a eevee that was sleeping below the tree was covered by it, he wake up and didn't seem to like it that much
    Eevee: How many times have the elite said not to use battle moves in town.
    Vatir: Calm down Veezo, I'm just showing this new wingull how to battle.
    Veezo: From what I know wingulls are unable to learn bite.
    Vatir: Sometimes it's useless discussing things with you. I'll go to lake, see you Delly and remenber breathe and you'll do it, get strong for us.
    Delly: Thanks Vatir...
    Vatir gave me a smile and jumped back into his lake.
    Veezo: It's still dark and pokemon have already begun to use moves in town to wake up the others...
    Delly: Sorry for that, I woke up too early myself.
    Veezo: No problem, Vatir is a bit hyperactive too.
    Delly: Do you mind if I stay in this tree here.
    Veezo: Not at all, if you don't make much noise it's fine.
    Delly: Ok thanks.
    So I hop into my new tree and I begin to wonder, so I'll have to battle... I'll wait the for the day when there's more light and I'll start with some training. This tree is near to the main entrace of town, it gives me a good sight of everything around.

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 0
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 1 at 0% Female Leader

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 2: First adventure.

    - Delly's tree:
    I finnaly think of i'm ready to begin exploring around and get strong like Vatir advised.
    Delly: Hey eevee are you awake?
    Veezo: Now I'm... Morning.
    I jumped off from tree to talk with him.
    Delly: Vatir told me about training where you suppose me to begin?
    Veezo: Take this road down there when, you get to the middle of crossroads choose east or west both are fine for begin.
    Delly: Alright.
    I started to fly until I got to the crossroads, them I decided choose the east side to a small cavern.
    Delly: There's a sign here, Pebble cave.
    Trusting in Vatir tips I get inside, after a small fell I see a pidgey wandering, so I gathered my focus and my natural pokemon insticts.
    Delly: Hey pidgey I have something for you!
    He stared at me and begin to come in my direction very fast, them I deep breathed and I used water gun.
    Delly: Coll but he is still coming.
    After using more water guns I finnaly knocked him out, but this is a little tiresome.
    Delly: Finnaly he's gone, it's still hard to do, let me keep going.
    Along the way i found some items and fight some enemys until...
    Poochyena: Well looks like the outsiders decided to come here to attack me again.
    Delly: hehe, do not mind me, I'm just passing by.
    Poochyena: I'll not let you attack me first!
    Delly: Wait wha-
    * Poochyena used tackle.
    Delly: ouch!
    Her hit me pretty hard but I have not come here to just lose. After more excharge of moves and hits her give up.
    Poochyena: Stop!
    Delly: For what, to get attacked by you again.
    I was really close to give him a decisive blow but I decided to hear.
    Poochyena: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to survive here, everyone here began to be so evil but you at least refused to attack me on beginning, I'm just scared.
    Poochyena: After the storm the pokemons here begin to be more angry like if they're possesed and I had to fight.
    I started lowering my guard.
    Delly: Come whit me we may leave here, you dont need to stay where you dont want to.
    Poochyena: Ok
    Delly: Follow me.
    I have seen a stairs in the middle of the room of I was, after entering it we got on a dead end and somehow the stairs of I climbed disapeared.
    Poochyena: There's still more enemys, now blocking the main path.
    Delly: Ok get behind me I'll handle it.
    They keep coming and I keep shooting water guns but i was getting more tired.
    Delly: That's so much...
    Poochyena: This place have strange powers, every knocked pokemon here gets ready to fight again very fast.
    Delly: I have to think something diferent...
    Time to open my way whit brute force, I charged at the enemys and I both learned and used wing attack, this was so motivating.
    Delly: Yea! that is the thing.
    After lot of wings attacks they stoped coming, and I was felling great.
    Delly: I'll need to get extra feather after it, hehe.
    Poochyena: That was awsome let me join your team?
    Delly: Really? it is going to be very nice of you, but how it work?
    Poochyena: Before he left here I have see a friend mine doing it, show me your badge.
    Poochyena touched my bagde and them started to glow bright them disapeared.
    Delly: Where are you? what happened?
    Poochyena: Well looks like I'm still here whit you?
    Delly: How and where? I cant see you.
    Poochyena: From what I fell look like I'm inside your badge.
    Delly: How this is possible?
    Poochyena: I dont know how it work but I see my friend doing it, actualy all I can see now is by your eyes.
    Delly: My eyes!?
    Poochyena: Oh look! your badge has my name on it.
    Delly: I see it's new.
    When i was seeing her name i accidently pressed her petal so my eye closed and after few seconds I fell so weightless, so when i opened my eyes again...
    Poochyena: That was fun ins't?
    Poochyena: Now you're seeing the same thing of me I suppose, like if you was in my body right?
    Delly: Yes, that's is very scary.
    Poochyena: You'll get it used to it, and from what I see here your badge your name is Delly?
    Delly: Yes.
    Poochyena: I'm Omega now lets keep moving before we get caught by more pokemons, this time i'll fight for you, take some rest.
    That's a very odd experience seeing poochyena fight while we go like if I was in her body, after more 2 cases of stairs we get on a small room.
    Omega: Looks like the end of this place.
    Delly: There's nothing here..
    Omega: Yes, looks clear, i've never been there before, but better we just get back from here or we're going to get traped by more enemys.
    Delly: Wait, now hear me did you see this pink piece of badge, squeeze it and lift up.
    * Omega lifted up the badge.
    Omega: It's getting brighter-aceus protect me!
    A big flash happened and when I get capable to see again we was in crossroads, and I was in my body back, so pelliper was right.
    Delly: What an scaring experience...
    Omega: ... Oh-my-aceus! I love it!
    Delly: Cool.
    Delly: No felling about what happened there right?
    Omega: No it's fine from now on we togheter.
    Was getting already pretty late so we decided go to town and get ready to rest. That day was so coll, I got a new friend and her bettle so well, i hope get better to begin doing real job in this place to begin earning my own pokes to buy stuffs at least now i have an ample amount of basic supplements.
    I lift on my tree..
    Delly: Want a apple omega.
    Omega: Sure
    Them veezo apeared passing close by.
    Veezo: You took a big time in there.
    Delly: Yes we got some issues to solve.
    Delly: But i got a new friend.
    Omega: Hello.
    Veezo: Hi, good to see of you make new friends, but I have to go on a call in the plaza and I'm late, see us.
    He is a nice person too...
    Delly: Look have you been there before omega?
    Omega: No, this place for me is new for me, all these lights makes this place looks so alive. It's very beautiful.
    Delly: I think it too. Good night my friend.
    Omega: Night.

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 0
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 9 at 14% Female Leader
    Poochyena Omega |Lvl 7 at 15% Female Active

    - Meanwhile, in the plaza of Grassroot:
    Leafysaur the Quagsire, Coki the Noctowl and Kirk the Buizel of the elite was trying to say something but many pokémons speak at the same time, Leafysaur have taken a microphone trying to get the attention of everyone there...
    Leafysaur: Attention everyone.
    * Still chatting.
    Leafysaur: Attention everyone!
    * Still chatting.
    Leafysaur: Coki please?
    * Coki take the microfone.
    Coki: Ahem...
    * Coki prepared an echoed voice
    Coki: SILENCE!
    It's was IHKO very effective! And the silence takes the place.
    Kirk: I hope they still can hear something after that.
    * Coki gives the microfone back to Leafysaur.
    Leafysaur: Like probably you guys have heard strange events begin to occur all around, but we got major instances at winden region, we got relates of extreme wild activities and reports of ever killed innocents on that area.
    * Chatting intensefies.
    Leafysaur: We're not done yet, please silence.
    Leafysaur: Kirk.
    * Kirk takes the microphone.
    Kirk: Us of elite decided to choose our best explorers to mobilize a heavy investigation there and all of you are called to help on this investigation, I, Leafysaur and Coki are also going to participate on this, so I propose to you guys get up early this morning and pack your supplies and meet us at winden pass tommorow, you guys are dismissed.
    * Again the chatting take the place.
    Coki: I cant believe something like this be happening.
    Kirk: I too but we have to get ready to tommorow too, the things are going to get very serius and dangerous.
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    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes.

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 3: The first sight of light.

    - Grassroot town:
    It was an early morning when I woke up to sounds of veezo packing stuff...
    Delly: What is happening veezo?
    Veezo: Sorry if I woke you up. I have go to winden, requested by the Elite.
    Delly: Elite, what is it?
    Veezo: The Elite is the rulers of the city, there's few of them around, some of them are know to be able to defeat lengendary pokemons.
    Delly: Wow that's awsome.
    Veezo: This is what scare me at most this time...
    Delly: What is happening?
    Veezo: They're requesting the most powerfull teams to help on a investigation at winden, I mean if they need help to begin with it's because the matter is very serious.
    Delly: Oh
    Veezo: From now on I'll be off for a few days, or weeks so take care ok?
    Delly: Right, good luck.
    Veezo left very worried I just hoped nothing bad happens to him. As for me, I need to know where I may find some work, I left Omega sleeping while i went around the town. I searched around but I didn't see anything, so I decided to ask a porygon standing near the housing center for advice.
    Delly: err, hello there.
    Porigon: Hi.
    Delly: Where must I go to get jobs to do?
    Porigon: Jobs?
    Delly: Yes... those tasks about rescuing pokemon and things of such type.
    Porigon: Do you mean missions?
    Delly: I think of yes!
    Porigon: Probably what you're looking is right there on the board.
    Delly: Thanks.
    Started to approach the board but:
    Porigon: Wait! Never choose a mission where you have not been before!
    Delly: Ok.
    So I started to look through the mission requests, many of them, but I found a very simple one, "Find an Ether at Pebble cave, Rattata being the client with a 100 pokes reward".
    Delly: I'll do this one.
    Omega: You made a great choice.
    I don't noticed but omega was behind and when her started to talk I get very surprised.
    Delly: What the heck, for arceus's sake Omega, don't sneak up on me like this...
    Omega: I was not sneaking, didn't you hear me coming?
    Delly: No
    Omega: I heard you talking with Veezo and leaving the tree too, I have good ears.
    Delly: So you're aways alert?
    Omega: This is a classic instict of poochyenas.
    Delly: Understood.
    Omega: So about the mission we're going do it?
    Delly: Yes, since we know how Pebble cave is maybe we can do it fast. So lets go?
    Omega: Sure!
    - Pebble cave entrance:
    Before going inside I decided a few things with Omega.
    Delly: Look this is your time to run, so that you get better in fighting eventually, ok?
    Omega: No problem.
    Going inside, we quicly located the ether there dropped close to us.
    Omega: How did someone just lose something so close to the entrance?
    Delly: True.
    Omega: Anyway the mission is done, lets leave.
    Omega lifted the badge, but nothing happened..
    Omega: It's not working.
    Delly: From what i heard from Pelliper it just work when we're on the end of dungeons.
    Omega: True we last did it on the last floors, well lets keep moving then.
    This time nothing so unusual happened and we easily finished it. At town we meet manual, the Porygon I met earlier and he called our client.
    Rattata: Thanks so much for the ether, it just droped off my hands and fell into the dungeon, I was scary of getting trapped inside here, so I called a rescue.
    Delly: It's fine thats done now.
    Rattata: And like promissed in my request here's the 100 pokes.
    This is so exciting, I finished my first mission and received my first reward.
    Delly: Thanks so much!!!
    I was so happy that my eyes started to glow in purple, and the rattata noticed it.
    Rattata: Pardon miss did you do something with your eyes?
    I wondered his question because personally I did not notice anything with me, everything seemed normal, with that my eyes returned to normal.
    Delly: What do you mean?
    Rattata: Nevermind I just thought I saw yours eyes glowing but maybe it's just the sun's reflection, thanks and bye!
    Wow he got pretty scared of me for some reason...
    Delly: Ok... Omega did you see something?
    Omega: No, I didn't notice anything.

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 0
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 9 at 95% Female Leader
    Poochyena Omega |Lvl 10 at 31% Female Active

    - Late at Joey (Rattata) and Lana's (Bunneary) house:
    Joey: Finnaly home. Lana you there?
    Lana: Yes I was just finishing the dinner, also you got home pretty late today, what happened?
    Joey: I droped my ether in pebble cave entrace on my way to here, so i requested a rescue...
    Lana: A rescue for an ether!? it just cost 50 pokés at Kecleon shop.
    Joey: Yes i know it, but its not a just an ether it's my normal dust. I just used my empty ether as a container.
    Lana: Cool, but where did you found it?
    Joey: I just bought one from the pokemons in town.
    Joey: Talking about the town the wingull that rescued my dust had her eyes purple for a second.
    Lana: Seriously?
    Joey: Yes, like that starly that rampaged in exbel woods.
    Lana: So you suppose there are more around?
    Joey: Yes?
    Lana: Lets keep our eyes open, I don't want to see more of them around here, he almost killed me.
    Joey: Thats the job of be a champion here, keeping exbel woods wonderful as aways.
    Lana: Yes, at all costs...
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    Pokemon Mystery Universe: The purple chaos nuzlocke

    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes.
    Xindage: From now on i'll be posting something mine about the fic here, like "And here comes the next partner of my team!".

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 4: Painfull sights.

    - Grassroot town at Delly tree, half night:
    This infernal image won't get off my mind! These purple eyes looking for me they're like mine and what's this purple flash!?-
    Delly: (waking up desperate) AHG!
    Delly: (Talking to herself) ok this is just a nightmare, that rattata put it on my head... i must calm down... and sleep...
    Omega: What is the matter Delly?
    Delly: Sorry if i woke you up Omega, i just had nightmare.
    Omega: (going back to sleep) All right then.
    This is so confusing, it's the same sight, I can still remenber and it hurts inside...
    Delly: (Angry) That's it! I can't sleep.. I'll go to lake, please dont follow me omega.
    Omega: I'll not ever answer it, have a good night...
    Getting on the border of the central lake I sat and began to watch the reflection of the moon on it between the clouds in the sky.
    Delly: If I at least can remember something of my past...
    Delly: (louder) I was just able to cover it!
    Then Vatir just appeared out of the lake right in front scaring me.
    Vatir: Lost in thoughts?
    Delly: (angry) AH! Vatir!
    Eyes are getting bright purple!
    Delly: (A bass distorted voice) If you do this again...
    * Delly stand still for few seconds.
    Vatir: Delly?
    * Delly faints and falls on the ground.
    Vatir: (Voice fading) Delly? can you hear...
    - Grassroot inn, next morning:
    Snap: Good morning sleepy head.
    Delly: Again? what happened this time?
    Snap: I don't know, Sandile came here with you fainted, he told me you just fainted suddenly.
    Delly: I don't remenber nothing about it... wait I have something, I was having nightmares then i got off my tree to walk and...
    Snap: And?
    Delly: And... i dont remenber anything after it.
    Snap: You probably are still suffering from that incident.
    Snap: Try to occupy yourself with something, that helps sometimes.
    Delly: Thanks, and sorry the trouble if caused.
    - Outside:
    Omega and Vatir were waiting for me outside.
    Omega: Are you ok?
    Delly: I suppose, yes?
    Vatir: You have to control your emotions Delly, I do not see you there.
    Delly: Believe me or not I don't remember anything.
    Vatir: Still suffering amnesia?
    Delly: Probably yes...
    Omega: You haven't told me about it Delly!?
    Delly: No I think it was not necessary.
    Vatir: Easy, I know that is hard to you, keep calm, want talk more about it?
    Delly: No.
    Omega: You'll probably feel better, please?
    Delly: No! Stop please.
    Omega: Alright
    I'll take sometime to walk around again, I need it...
    Delly: Excuse me both you but I'm out to walk, bye.
    Omega: Dont want me to-
    Delly: No
    I Got to the crossroads and decided to train alone thinking if I occupy myself with something I can stay calm.
    Delly: Ok crossroads... I'll go on this side now, it's written....Tiny grotto!
    Delly: Here I go.
    Aside from what I was expecting from an underground entrance it was very light and had a lot of flowers.
    Delly: Cool place.
    I didn't even need to walk much and I saw a few Sunkerns rooting on floor and lot of bushs, few with berries, after going deep the pokemon became more wild and they started to attack, but battling with them was not hard and everything was going well, this helped a lot I was already feeling good, I just entered in another one of those staircases and I started to hear voices, aparently one of them was very angry.
    Mysteryous voice 1: (Serious) It's the last time I'm going to say, give me that.
    Mysteryous voice 2: No it's mine I found it
    I decided follow the voices until I got in a nearbly bush and a noticed of was a hoppip and a shroomish fighting for a small piece of stone.
    Hoppip: You have no right to do it!
    * Hoppip used tackle.
    shroomish: Poor guy, prepare to-
    Delly: (Screaming) TO SEE MY WING IN YOUR FACE!
    * Delly used wing attack.
    shroomish: Arght too strong!
    * shroomish run away.
    Hoppip: Thanks stranger.
    Delly: No problem.
    Hoppip: So, what are you doing here.
    Delly: Just training my skills, and kicking bullies' butt.
    Hoppip: So you're an explorer?
    Delly: An explorer?
    Hoppip: Yes, pokemon that train to get strong and help the towns, I have seen less of them around lately, I'd love to be one like them.
    So this is what I'm now, an explorer... so be it.
    Delly: Alright join me them.
    Hoppip: Oh? Seriosly?
    Delly: Yes!
    Hoppip: Woohooo!
    He touched the badge and disapeared like what happened to Omega.
    Hoppip: This is so cool.
    Delly: Welcome to the team.
    Just after this I found the teleport in the last room of this dungeon I stepped on it and I got warped back to the crossroads, I was not expecting taking so much time in there but was already late.
    Hoppip (Tired): Heh, This place hasn't changed much since my last time here.
    Something was strange with him he was not even floating like before.
    Delly: What's the matter hoppip you're sweating.
    Hoppip: Call me Pophe, and yes, I forget to not tackle on the shroomish, they have spores, I think I got poisoned.
    Delly: Come with me fast.
    I bit onto his leaf and pulled him to town and Omega saw me when I was passing close to our tree.
    Omega: Delly? what are you doing.
    Delly: He is poisoned, I'll take him to inn.
    Omega: Wait, this smell, show me you bag.
    I put my bag on floor.
    Omega: This can help.
    Delly: Oh I found plenty of these around Tiny grotto bushes..
    Omega gives the berry to him.
    Pophe. Thanks
    Omega: This is an pecha berry, very usefull to heal poisoning Delly.
    Delly: Oh that's great.
    Omega: So you were training whitout me ya?
    Delly: I can say that helped a lot, I fell much more motivated and better again, I told you all I needed was time.
    Pophe: So you both are from same team?
    Omega: Yes, I'm omega, pleasure to meet you.
    Delly: Omega excuse me a minute I have to go in that Pelliper building for few minutes ok.
    Omega: No problem.
    I head to Housing center, inside I find a Wigglytuff looking at some papers over the table, I get close to it and looks like he doesn't notice me...
    Delly: Hi?
    He stared at me all of a sudden and I got no reaction at all.
    Wigglytuff: Hello my friend!
    Out of sudden he just appeared at my side.
    Delly: What the-
    Wigglytuff: Need something, you look confused?
    Delly: I-i... i'd like to talk with pelipper?
    And again he appeared near table, holy arceus he can teleport!?
    Wigglytuff: He left to deliver the missions to other regions, he does it in all evenings.
    Delly: So I need to just ask a thing, maybe I'll back later.
    I was just heading to door but when I looked back he was not there anymore, but after looked back at the door...
    Wigglytuff: So ask to me!
    Delly: STOP IT! You want me to have a heart attack?
    Wigglytuff: (Sad voice) But did I do?
    He sudden got so deeply sad...
    Delly: Ok just hear the questions I have to ask but first stop warping around!

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 0
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 11 at 16% Female Leader
    Poochyena Omega |Lvl 10 at 13% Female Active
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 9 at 49% Male Active

    - Winden range:
    Sunset, the wind and cold was getting stronger.
    Veezo: I know we were close to the winden region, but this is not normal, it's too cold.
    Kirk: Is Coki with you? Alert everyone to set the camp here.
    Coki: "Hyper voice" Everyone, we are going to set the camp here for now, we can't continue with this freezing weather.
    Veezo's anticipation activates!
    Veezo: Strange, this felling, like if someone was waiting to harm us here.
    Close to the trees around a hidden pokemon was watching them.
    ???: (Talking to himself) Like she told... they're coming, how pathetic.
    And he disapeared deeper into the woods...

    ---> End of ep. 4

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    Original RTF file:
    Xindage: Filler, to another dungeon...

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 5: Playing around.

    - More late at the same night, Grassroot town:
    Omega: What happened there you took hours.
    Delly: I did what i needed to do.
    Omega: What?
    Delly: Yes, i just asked everything of i was supposed to know, about this city, important places, missions, assembly and much more, i suppose i'm ready for everything now.
    Hoppip: You're kinda strange.
    Delly: True... i don't remember anything from my past or about this city...
    Omega: This is sad.
    Delly: Well let's get over it, let's go to market i want to know what they have.
    Omega: Sure.
    I gathered all my pokes and i got to the Kecleon's market.
    Delly: Hello!
    Kecleon: Ah welcome, in what i may be useful?
    Delly: Just want to know what do you have to show me?
    Kecleon: Just few things, i have apple, stick, leppa berry, ether, sleep seed, blast seed-
    *Delly is confused
    sweet heart, power band, pecha berry, tiny thorn, escape orb, TM Rest, reboud orb, cleanse orb-
    *Delly hit herself in confusion, confusion intensifies.
    poke balls, chaos emerald, shiny rayquaza, holy water, hamburgs, miracle chest-
    Delly: S.. stop... p-pleaseeeee...
    *Delly snaped out confusion...
    Delly: I've heard about upgrading badges what do you have to say about it?
    Kecleon: Oh yes this one.
    He put a different colored badge on the bench.
    Delly: So, is it like my main badge, just has different colors?
    Kecleon: This badge can increase your strength, so when you use this you get stronger, but if you want you should give me your main badge to make the exchange process.
    Delly: There.
    I gave mine to him, after he had placed one in front of the other they shone for a moment ...
    Kecleon: Here is your new badge, it will cost 100 pokes.
    Delly: Ok, thanks very much.
    Then I gave him the pokes and started looking at the badge.
    Delly: So to see how this works we have to train with it?
    Omega: I'm sure about that.
    Pophe: Let's just sleep its late.
    Delly: Alright.
    We went to sleep in our tree as usual...
    - Delly dreams:
    ???: I sense someone...
    Delly: Wha? who is you?
    ???: ...
    Delly: hello!?
    Turned out so silently until a familiar voice get in my dream.
    Pophe: It-is-morning!
    I woke up scared by his voice.
    Delly: EEK!
    I took the first thing I saw, and it was him and we fell from the tree, we looked at each other for a few seconds until I decided to speak.
    Delly: (slowly) So, excuse me?
    Pophe: Sorry, but it was you who pulled me...
    Delly: You scared me...
    Pophe: You were taking too long to wake up, so I decided to help and omega went to talk to Vatir.
    Delly: Let's go with her.
    At there i see Omega talking with Vatir at the border of central lake.
    Delly: Good Morning guys.
    Vatir: Morning.
    Omega: Hello.
    Delly: So... sorry for that day vatir...
    Vatir: Do not worry about it, it's already in the past, we do not have to have bad feelings about it, just the future is what matters.
    I was speechless to respond to him.
    Omega: So, Vaitr, what place was it we were supposed to talk to?
    Vatir: Happiness Lake, just a bit north of here.
    Omega: Seems good, okay Delly, we have a good place to train now.
    Pophe: Awsome!
    Delly: Let's go so-
    Pophe: Wait, i need to hide my Sun stone somewhere.
    Vatir: Hide your sun stone, why?
    Pophe: Yes, it's my precious stone, Delly saved me a Shroomish who was trying to steal it from me.
    Vatir: You do not have to hide this, follow me.
    Vatir took us to a Kangaskhan's storage.
    Delly: Let me guess, is the storage that everyone uses to store their belongings?
    Vatir: Yes... you already know it?
    Delly: Wigglytuff told me more about the city.
    Vatir: Cool, but hear me you have to store it in name of your team, so you must use your badge.
    Pophe: Give me the badge Delly?
    Delly: Sure.
    I gave him the badge and he goes to talk with the big kangaskhan.
    Pophe: Hi, Can you store it for me?
    Kangaskhan: Sure, i'll keep it protected until you want it back.
    Pophe: Thanks.
    And came back to us.
    Pophe: It was so simple and easy.
    Vatir: You can trust in her, it's very safe place.
    Omega: That's it, let's go?
    Delly: Yes.
    Vatir: Good luck.

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 0
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 11 at 16% Female Leader
    Poochyena Omega |Lvl 10 at 31% Female Active
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 9 at 49% Male Active

    - Eight hours ago, Makiru the Scizor's elite office:
    Makiru: Are you really sure of it Vatir?
    Vatir: Yes sir, but after she passed out I took her to the Milla to heal her, but she did not seem dangerous to me.
    Makiru: I'll trust you, but I'll let you know the last reports of these creatures were possitive.
    Vatir: Give us a little time, maybe we can learn more about them...
    Makiru: Sure keep an eye on her, even so anything suspicious tells me straight away.
    Vatir: You can count on me, I will not fail.

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    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes.
    Xindage: This is getting dark, hehehehe.

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 6: The other side of coin.

    - Happiness Lake entrance:
    Omega was hyperactive about this and I was staring at the passage.
    Delly: Here is the entrance to this place.
    Omega: Let's go, we're wasting time.
    Delly: Alright I'll lead...
    Getting inside it was pretty much like every dungeon but wet, I did the first room then I began to notice.
    Delly: Lots of water types... wanna try Pophe?
    Pophe: Sure
    We switched and he began to fight in, but something was strange with them, they were putting up a tough fight, after two more floors Pophe got surrounded by 3 enemies.
    Pophe: Well I have a problem here, I'm surrounded!
    Omega suddenly switched in.
    Omega: I'll handle this!
    Omega began to howl and take down them one by one with bites.
    Omega: So this hoard might be done, but I'll tell you they're really fighting hard...
    Pophe: Thanks omega.
    Delly: I noticed it too, something's wrong here.
    We got ahead some more floors until we found a magikarp.
    Omega: So magikarp, you're not really wanting to fight me?
    I felt a cold wind coming from behind.
    * Lombre used tackle.
    Omega: Hey that's not fair!
    * Omega used tackle!
    * Lombre used Water gun, Critical hit!
    Omega was pushed so hard into the lake so I decided to quickly take his place but suddenly blacked out, I tried my strongest to swim, but I was unable to until a pokemon began pushing me to the surface.
    Magikarp: If it were not for me, you would have sunk...
    Delly: (Tired) Thank you for... the... help, where is the Lombre?
    Pophe: Let me get us out of this place I can still fight, you rest there Delly.
    Pophe begin to rush out of the dungeon while I was trying to recover myself.
    Delly: So Omega, are you felling ok?
    Omega: ...
    Delly: Omega!? (Screaming) OMEGA!
    - An hour later, Grassroot inn:
    Delly: Please no, THAT'S NOT TRUE!
    Milly: I'm sorry but it's true.
    Delly: (Scream) NO!
    I ran through the door and flew off to Happiness lake.
    Pophe: Delly don't do it!
    Vatir: Stay here I'll follow her.
    - Happiness Lake dungeon:
    I had no control over myself. I was aware of everything I was doing but I even knew it was not me doing it. I was feeling a power bursting within me so I got inside the dungeon looking for Omega's murderer...
    Delly: (Bass voice) Reveal yourself!
    I realized that odd voice was the same from the one in the central lake with... vatir, wait... now I remember what happened there... how, anyway I was still not in control of myself and was screaming in the dungeon.
    Delly: Doesn't matter where you hide, Doesn't matter where you run! I'll look for you and I will find you!
    Unknown voice: You don't need to!
    Lombre sunddenly fell from the ceiling in front of me, delivering a lot of attacks on me. I almost felt nothing, in this time I noticed his eyes, they had a bright purple glow. At this point I decided to help myself attacking him with my wings and in a few minutes I was able to defeat him but I was unable to stop and I kept using more wing attacks on him until... Vatir used assurance! Delly Fainted...
    - Detention room, underground plaza late night:
    Makiru: Good, she seems to be waking up.
    I was not sure where I was, but I was with my wings and my legs tied on the wall.
    Delly: (Still bass voice) Release me, NOW!
    Makiru: Unfortunately this is not going to happen, who knows what you are going to do.
    Vatir: Please Delly cooperate with him.
    I was trying to say something but I was unable to, something was still controlling me.
    Delly: I won't. All I want is to just destroy everyone and everything! You're not an exception!
    Makiru: Vatir put her to sleep again, and bring me our specialist.
    * Vatir used assurance, Delly fainted again...
    - Delly's Dreams:
    ???: Someone there?
    Delly: Who are you, please don't hurt me anymore!
    ???: Don't be scared, I'm here to help you.
    Delly: I don't know what is happening I'm scared of what is going to happen with me.
    ???: Just calm down and hear.
    Pophe: Please Delly don't give up yet, Omega will never want to see you like this, just resist it...
    Vatir: You're strong Delly, show us what you're capable to do!
    Delly: Guys!
    ???: They can't hear you, but I now have to advice you to concentrate your mind, what I'm going to do here is for your good, but it's going to be extremely painful...
    Delly: No more plea- GAAAAAAAHH!
    - Detention room, on the next day:
    Delly: (Tired normal voice) eeee...
    Makiru: So we can talk now?
    Delly: Do I have any other choice? Looks like I'm still tied here and feel like I was carrying a giant rock...
    Makiru: First question, what is the last thing you remember?
    Delly: Someone was talking with me in my mind, I don't want remember it anymore...
    Makiru: So hypno successfully recovered your mind, it's perfect.
    Delly: Perfect!? I dont even know if I'm alive...
    Makiru: I'll do a brief resume of you, first you were recently found vandalizing in Happinnes lake, but our Hypno have seen inside your mind that you were under effect of something beyond our knowledge, the only thing he realized was that it was controlling you, and he gave you the energy to have control over it.
    Delly: (crying) Just let me see my friends again, release me please?
    Makiru: I will but first I suggest you eat this, we can't let you see the path to exit this place.
    After eating that seed he gave me I just fell asleep again, I can't understand why it had to happen so much...

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 1
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 13 at 32% Female Leader
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 12 at 23% Male Active
    Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 1 at 0% Female Active
    Poochyena Omega |Lvl 10 at 36% Female Death

    - Vatir at hypno house:
    * Knocks on the door
    Hypno: Yes?
    Vatir: Makiru from the elite is requesting you!
    Hypno: Ok I'll get ready.
    Vatir: Let me inside, I have to talk with you first:
    Hypno: Feel free, what you want to discuss.
    * Puts a pack full of diamonds over the table.
    Hypno: Something problematic I suppose.
    Vatir: The Wingull that you're going to investigate have been attacked by a Lombre and she did something that I want you to remove this part of your relatory you know what I'm talking about.
    Hypno: How about the evidences?
    Vatir: Cleared.
    Hypno: Good.

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    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes, and for Shadow eevee for playing whit me in this episode.
    Xindage: Pophe is leading in levels... not for too long.

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 7: Rescuing

    - Delly's tree on the same day:
    Finally I could wake up after a peaceful nap as I looked down and saw my friends talking.
    Delly: Hello
    Vatir: Oh, hi Delly.
    Pophe: Mor- Your eyes!?
    Delly: What now?
    Vatir: They're purple and intense.
    Delly: Excuse me!
    I ran to the lake to see my reflection...
    Delly: (Screams) NO! I'm a monster.. NOOOOOOO!
    Vatir: Calm down, you're not a monster, you were not the one doing that.
    Delly: (Bass voice) You do not know how much I suffered because of that!
    Vatir began to glow dark, for sure he was preparing an attack.
    Delly: Why are you preparing an attack?
    Vatir: Just making sure.
    Delly: For now I'm sure I'm still me.
    Pophe: Your voice was the same when you were... you know...
    Delly: (Voice returned to normal) I know...
    Delly: Where is Omega?
    Pophe: Milly took her body to Faded Relic, only the highest ranks can see the ceremony, anyway, you can go later...
    I was getting mad again...
    Delly: ...
    Vatir: We're leaving, we know you like being alone when you're like this.
    Delly: Thanks...
    Vatir: Come on, pophe.
    Vatir pushed pophe out and I went up to my tree to take some time to induldge in my thoughts...
    Pophe: Ok I know... I'll go see if Kamila's good.
    Vatir: Do not care too much about Delly, I'll keep an eye on her.
    It was getting cloudy, I started to feel something, but I simply ignored it ...
    - Near housing center:
    Pophe: Strange, Kamila was here the last time i saw her ... Hey porygon? Did you see a magikarp around here?
    Manual: Many.
    Pophe: Great...
    Manual: But I saw one who chose a Sour Root escort mission on behalf of Delly's team.
    Pophe: Sour root!? Alone?
    - Sour root, Kamila escorting:
    Kamila: So your bother is a Zorua?
    Skarmory: Yes, she went inside there but this time he's taking longer to come back, i'm getting worried.
    Kamila: No more need to, we are going to find them.
    They fight some floors until they begin to hear sounds of a fight.
    Kamila: Something is not right ahead.
    Skarmory: Lets go with caution.
    On the Cleaning they see a Oddish running from a big Weepinbell.
    Skarmory: Hey dude what you think of you're doing!
    Oddish: Shadow!
    Oddish came running toward the skarmory.
    * Illusion falls apart.
    Zorua: (Crying) He got me! and tried to swallow me whole!
    Shadow: I'm glad you're okay, let's take care of this kidnapper, you just get out of here.
    Kamila: So you're looking for trouble, you got one!
    Weepinbell looked at Kamila and Shadow with his purple eyes.
    * Kamila's flashback.
    Omega: So magikarp, you're not really wanting to fight me?
    * Lombre used tackle.
    Omega: Hey that's not fair!
    * Omega used tackle!
    * Lombre used Water gun, Critical hit!
    Kamila: Beware of this creature, this is no longer a pokémon, it is a pure evil that will not stop unless both of us are dead!
    * Weepinbell used vine whip on Kamila!
    Kamila got pushed hard to the wall.
    Skarmory: It's very strong.
    * Skarmory used steel wings!
    * Weepinbell used wrap, and threw him away.
    * Weepinbell used sunny day.
    Skarmory: I cant move, my body still feels crushed.
    * Weepinbell look to Kamila and began to do a solar beam in her direction.
    Kamila: It's my end...
    (pokemon x and y intro music start)
    Pophe quickly switched with Kamila and began to hold all the energy in his body.
    Pophe: (screaming) AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! NO ONE- HURTS MY- TEAAAAMMM!!
    * Pophe used bullet seed several times.
    * Weepinbell fainted.
    Pophe fell on the ground and began using synthesis to recover energy.
    Pophe: (tired) next time remenber to call the team Kamila!
    Kamila: Sorry but skarmory was in a rush to rescue her brother.
    Shadow: True, I was so much in need of help I didn't imagine that the situation was going to reach this.
    Weepinbell began to wake up roaring.
    Pophe: You, come close to me!
    Pophe: I hope this work...
    * Pophe throwed a escape orb in floor

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 1
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 14 at 95% Female Leader
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 20 at 02% Male Active
    Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 12 at 99% Female Active
    Poochyena Omega |Lvl 10 at 36% Female Death

    - Exbel town minutes ago:
    It had begun to rain, besides everything was normal, I was thinking at the last moment when I was trying to swim, I decided to go speak with Vatir. When I arrived at the lake, I saw that he was taking a nap at the bottom of the lake.
    Delly: Hey Vatir!
    Vatir woke up and began to swim to surface, he did it so easily...
    Vatir: Yes Delly?
    Delly: How do you do it?
    Vatir: Do what?
    Delly: Sleeping in botton of lake and swim up so easy... you're a ground type after all.
    Vatir: It's easy, all comes from inside you, it's an instict.
    Delly: The last time I fell in a lake I thought I was going to drown.
    Vatir: Hear me, every pokemon can breathe underwater, but can also drown if they do not believe in it, let me try a thing.
    He bit my wing and began to pull me to the lake.
    Delly: Please don't do it.
    * Delly began to struggle.
    Vatir: Trust me or it is not going to work, also I just want you to swim to the start. Hang on me and hold your breath I'll dive but I'll let you reach the surface, use your wing and imagine you are flying.
    ---> To be continued...

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    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes.
    Xindage: I think i'll have to revise my old episodes again i did few mystakes, anyway have fun seeing how Veezo and the Elite do in winden.

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 8: Solid Winden - Veezo & Elite's side story.

    - Winden range, 4th day of camp, elite tent:
    Without any expectation that the weather will improve, the elite began discussing a plan.
    Kirk: We can not stay here any longer, our supplies are running out.
    Coki: The hail does not stop... I do not know why this is happening.
    Leafysaur: I can get to Winden and call the specialists who reside there, if you guys don't mind staying here another day.
    Coki: It sounds like a good idea, if you do not bring a cloudnine user, we'll be stuck here.
    Kirk rummaged through the stocks and took some supplements for the Leafysaur.
    Kirk: Here, take these.
    Leafsaur: Thanks, I promise I'll be back tommorow no matter what happens.
    - The next night:
    Coki: Leafysaur has not returned yet, and the storm is still furious...
    Kirk: If she doensn't come we're going to have to go. At any cost we can't stay here anymore.
    * Glaceon enters the tent.
    Glaceon: Guys, I found something interesting, could one of you can come with me?
    Kirk: Sure, stay here Coki.
    Glaceon: Veezo was having insomnia not letting him sleep blaming the reason to be an unsettling presence nearby. So I decided to patrol the area, and he was right! Follow me to the forest.
    More deep in the forest they noticed fews snovers using blizzard around.
    Kirk: So they're causing it, they're shooting blizzard over us.
    Glaceon: They are taking turns to do this, so it will not stop if we do not intervene.
    Kirk: Is your team with you?
    Glaceon: Sure, Veezo, Vonia and Glitter.
    Kirk: Let's make them stop, here's the plan, since Veezo is an eevee, they probably will not find him to be dangerous, so Veezo will try to talk to them. If it does not work, Glitter can create a thunder over them.
    Glaceon: But if we miss thunder?
    Kirk started aiming for the sky.
    Kirk: It'll not miss!, also if we're lucky we can capture one of them.
    Glaceon: Oh, I got it!
    Veezo switched with Glaceon and he started to walk towards the Snovers group...
    Veezo: So, may I ask you to stop doing this please?
    Snover: ...
    They started looking at each other and said nothing, then began to attack.
    * Snover used blizzard on Veezo.
    Veezo: Alright then.
    * Weather changes to rain...
    * Veezo switched to Glitter.
    * Glitter used Thunder.
    The lightning bolt that struck down from the sky was energetic enough to open up a huge crater in the ground , nevertheless the group snover withstood the attack and left running.
    Kirk: Unfortunately they didn't suffer paralysis, we still stop them.
    Jolteon: We still haven't figured out why they were doing this...
    Kirk: At least we have a temporary breach to get to winden, let's go.
    - Winden Range, camp.
    Kirk: Alert them Coki!
    Coki: *hyper voice! Everyone stand up!
    Most of them were already asleep, but they all got out of their tents to listen.
    Coki: Kirk and Veezo have discovered and eliminated the source of the constant hail, but we do not have time to rest, all pack their belongings and materials, we have to arrive at Winden before dawn!
    - Winden town, few hours before the dawn.
    Winden used to be a beautiful town between the mountains to warm up the heart of travelers after a bitter cold trip, but this time something was different.
    Kirk: Well, here was supposed to be Winden town, but I only see their flag there, the rest is all snow white.
    Veezo: It's still kind of dark but I remember that this flag is was at the top of a cliff, but now only half the flagpole is visible.
    Coki: Apparently the whole city was buried in ice, where have the inhabitants gone?
    Kirk: Let's break into groups and look for-
    * Suddenly a deafening metal sound echoed in.
    Kirk: Nghh my ears!
    Veezo: Ahhh make it stop!
    After the noise stopped they noticed a light coming from far away and blinking on top of a mountain.
    Coki: Whoever it is must be calling us, come on!
    Upon arriving at the top of the mountain there was a Drilbur and an Umbreon there.
    Drilbur: Sorry but you were not listening to me so I decided to use this attack to get attention, I just forgot that from up here it would create an echo too strong.
    Kirk: No problem, who are you?
    Drilbur: My name is Felicia, I'm one of the scouts of Winden.
    Umbreon: I'm Scott from the specialists.
    Kirk: Where are the other pokemons from here?
    Felicia: Down below, I made a passage to the basement, it's where we all are.
    Kirk: Take us there.
    They followed the passage made by the Drilbur, the path was facing the entrance of the sauna.
    Kirk: I remember this place, the sauna.
    Veezo: So hot!
    Felicia: You're right, normally it was not that hot, and do not touch the water or you're going to get a burn.
    Kirk: Any idea what's causing it?
    Felicia: No, since our elite disappeared we stayed here waiting for news, the weather was very bad.
    Coki: How did they disappear!?
    Scott: Chronum tried to find out the cause of bad weather and did not come back for several days, that's all we know...
    Kirk: Wait!
    * Kirk grabbed Drilbur!
    Kirk: Leafysaur showed up here?
    Felicia: No, why?
    Coki: By arceus!

    ------------------- Special episode <> Side storys.
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    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes.
    Xindage: Something strong is comming, what they'll do?

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 9: The evil's inside.

    - Grassroot town sunset:
    I was training with Vatir on the lake when I saw Pophe, Magikarp and a Skarmory coming from the crossroads, they were a little wounded, so I and Vatir went there to see them.
    Delly: Pophe what happened to you?
    Pophe: Magi.. karp...
    Delly: Huh?
    Kamila: Yes, it was my fault, I went on a mission that I was not prepared for and we all got hurt.
    Delly: What? And who are you?
    Kamila: I'm Kamila, Pophe recruited me after the incident in Happiness Lake, Vatir also needed my help to hi-
    Suddenly Vatir pushed up the magikarp to the lake.
    Delly: What is meaning of it?
    - Bottom of the lake.
    Vatir: Look at your mouth girl, Delly does not need to know that!
    Kamila: Sorry I forgot that.
    Vatir: Look at the situation you put me in... I have to come up with a good lie for her now, how can I explain it...
    I had no idea what was the cause of all this madness, after a while Vatir and Kamila left the lake.
    Kamila: Why you did this Vatir?
    Vatir: I'm just taking revenge for what she's did to me in the Happiness Lake, remember Kamila?
    Kamila: umm, oh ye I attacked you after you attacked Delly.
    Delly: But you just said he needed your help.
    Kamila: That was after it.
    Delly: O-k...
    I pretended to believe them but I know they were hiding something from me.
    Delly: Back to the topic, what happened to you?
    Pophe: Kamila went to help this Skarmory to rescue her brother and after that we were attacked by a Weepinbell, and possibly possessed.
    Skarmory: They had purple eyes... like you!
    I realized that he was already scared by my appearance.
    Delly: Look, I'm a normal pokemon.
    Vatir: But if Kamila is saying the truth we have to tell the elite about it, excuse me I'll have to go to the plaza.
    Skarmory: I'll go too, my brother must be at home waiting for me, here kamila your reward.
    He gave few pokes to Kamila.
    Kamila: Thanks.
    Delly: So you can recruit for us Pophe?
    Pophe: I was with the badge so yes.
    Delly: So Kamila has a big heart, Just be careful next time, remember you're in a team now.
    Kamila: I'm sorry ok.
    It was starting to rain and even though it was late afternoon it seemed like night.
    Delly: How delighting! Thanks to this fresh rain, it will be great to sleep today.
    Pophe: It's you who likes rain, I do not.
    Kamila: I'd like to sleep on the lake if you do not mind too much.
    Delly: No problem.
    - Next day:
    It was still raining when I woke up I came down from the tree and started scouring something to eat in our bag, I took an apple and I went to the lake to see if Vatir was there. He was not, only Kamila was there standing in the lake, sleeping. I finished eating the apple and went back to the tree to wake my partner, when a huge thunderclap crashed towards us, and my head started to hurt.
    - Delly's mind:
    Familiar voice 1: It's of no use, run!
    Familiar voice 2: This guy is really playing for real, we'd better get away and figure out a plan.
    Familiar voice 1: So think about one now, I lost my backpack when I was hit, I'm without the escape orbs.
    Familiar voice 2: Then run!
    - Back to reality:
    Delly: What was this? looked like... Vatir...
    I did not even notice that my partners were by my side now.
    Pophe: By arceus did you see it delly?
    Kamila: It was a strong thunderbolt, I could even hear underwater.
    Delly: Follow me guys!
    Pophe: To where?
    Delly: (Bass voice) Just follow me, now!
    I was feeling something very powerful coming up close and decided to go where the energy came from, when I got there Pophe was getting nervous.
    Pophe: Delly, do not tell me you want to go in there?
    Delly: ...
    Kamila: Do not go there Delly, that's where we were attacked before by that creature!
    Delly: ... Lets go!
    - Sour Root dungeon:
    This time I was doing it because I wanted to, but at the same time all this energy seemed like mine, I'm sure I'm going directly to some big problem, but this time I'm ready for everything. Inside the dungeon I noticed a very small amount of wild activity, yet I kept going from floor to floor, until I noticed a backpack lying on the floor.
    Pophe: Someone lost things around here.
    Delly: ...
    I collected everything that was scattered on the floor and also what was in the backpack and put it in mine, and kept moving on. Later I began to notice explosions, scratches and marks on the walls, certainly something happened here.
    Delly: Someone's been fighting here.
    Pophe: Let's get out of here Delly, please? it's dangerous.
    I began to hear voices and noises from afar.
    Familiar voice 2: Set sandstorm!
    Getting close I saw a Weepinbell fighting with 2 other pokemons, they were Vatir and that Scizor that tied me on wall.
    Vatir: I haven't learned it yet!
    Mariku: This is going to be tricky then.
    I just decided to get into the mess.
    Delly: Hey you!
    Weepinbell: Well, see who decided to give the faces.
    It began to float around me in circles.
    Weepinbell: So you finally decided to come and join me.
    Delly: Join you!? I do not even know you!
    Weepinbell: As you do not know me, look at yourself and then look into my eyes, we are of the same group and cause.
    Delly: I'm not from your group! and the only cause you're giving me is the option to end you!
    Weepinbell: Stop lying to yourself, go deeper into your mind... remember it.
    * Delly's flashback.
    Delly: I won't. All I want is to just destroy everyone and everything! You're not an exception!
    My head started to ache again.
    Delly: Stop playing with my mind! You want to see destruction, I'll show you!
    * Delly used water pulse, Weepinbell gets confused.
    Mariku: It's our chance!
    * Mariku used focus energy.
    * Vatir used crunch.
    Weepinbell: Gra! Annoying thing.
    * Weepinbell used wrap in Vatir.
    Vatir: ak- help!
    * Delly used wing attack.
    Delly: See the destruction before you, it ends here!
    * Repeatly use wing attacks.
    * Weepinbell fainted.
    Pophe: What you did Delly!?
    Delly: If you could see what I saw you would surely do the same...
    Mariku: How did you know we were here?
    Delly: I did not know, I just followed the energy that was coming from here that seemed just like mine.
    A Weedle appeared, dragging the bag I'd left behind.
    Weedle: Hey any of you left it lost back there?
    Vatir: My bag! Thanks.
    Weedle: You're welcome, but in reality I have to thank you, you did away with that monster that was causing terror here, if only I had the strength to fight him...
    Vatir: I would love to be able to recruit you and train you but I can't. But I know who can! Delly?
    Delly: Me?
    Weedle: Eeek there's more of them here!?
    Delly: Oh I see my voice, wait.
    Delly: (Voice back to normal) Ahem i'm Delly.
    Weedle: What are you?
    I'm sure she's already scared of me.
    Delly: Look, I'm a normal pokemon, I was only gratified with, special powers...
    Vatir: Believe me, Delly is a good person, you'll not be disappointed.
    Weedle: ...
    I took my badge and put it in front of him.
    Delly: It's your choice.
    She was happy with the proposal.
    Weedle: I accept!
    She touched the badge and disappeared.
    Delly: Welcome to the team!
    Vatir: Hey!? Where are my things?
    Delly: I got them, they're with me in my backpack.
    Vatir: Let me have my escape orb.
    Delly: What about the Weepinbell?
    Mariku: Leave it there, there's nothing left to do, then I'll call someone to seal the room later.
    Vatir: Close to me guys.
    * Vatir used escape orb.
    - Crossroads, Midday:
    Mariku: So I need to talk to you two privately.
    Delly: Ok, Pophe here take my badge.
    Pophe: Right see you soon.

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 1
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 16 at 34% Female Leader
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 20 at 8% Male Active
    Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 13 at 4% Female Active
    Weedle Acadia |Lvl 6 at 0% Female Active

    - Makiru's elite office:
    Mariku: So Delly apparently knows more than she looks?
    Delly: I only remember things if I think about them... like my past
    Delly: (Talking most to herself and slowly) I born in Island Garden, I had friends there... Then this very violent storm came along. I hid myself near some stones, then I only remember a purple flash and a thunderous noise...
    Mariku: Thunder? The last storm proved well loaded with these abnormal purple lightinings.
    Delly: hmmm...
    * Delly's flashback.
    Milly: Calm down, you were gravely injured almost like you were toasted.
    Delly: Yes that is it! The lightbolt! Now I know the cause of it!
    Mariku: Now, why did you want to destroy everything?
    Delly: Revenge and rage, but I do not want this...
    Mariku: I see...
    Vatir: Excuse me, if I'm right the book of The Elite's legends has a thing about the legendary pokemon that wanted to destroy everything in this world-
    Mariku: Rayquaza.
    Vatir: But it was banished from there when Kirk confronted him in Sky Fortress years ago.
    Mariku: The book still mention it's last words that Kirk recorded there "I'll return and everyone is going to suffer, I'll destroy everyone and everything! You're not an exception Kirk!".
    * Delly's flashback.
    Delly: I won't! All I want is to destroy everyone and everything! You're not an exception!
    Delly: WAIT!
    This can not be true!
    Delly: No... I didn't say that!
    Delly: (crying) I DIDN'T SAY THAT!
    Vatir: Delly look at me I'll say it once again it was not you, do you remenber it!?
    Mariku: This proves that rayquaza may be coming back and its power is above ours, it is corrupting our world from somewhere and we must find it.
    Vatir: We must get ready if it's true.
    Mariku: For now, let's warn the Pokémon about the corrupted purples and Delly as well.

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    Original RTF file:
    Thanks Veezo for Grammar fixes.
    Xindage: Moomy Arcadia, seens cute :3, seriosly i really need to envolve arcadia on beedrill and learn cut, i'm stuck...

    Pokemon Mystery Universe
    The purple chaos nuzlocke
    Episode 10: Specialists

    - Grassroot town:
    Mariku was preparing things to give a statement, he took a microphone and began to speak.
    Mariku: Testing 1, 2, 3...
    Mariku: Attention everyone!
    Everyone around us began to gather around, and I kept my eyes closed as he spoke.
    Mariku: I have recently encountered another purple eyed pokemon, and I'll advise you all not to confront any of them. They're sure to kill anyone that gets close to them. If you see any of them or notice something very suspicious tell me immediately. And here by my side I want you guys to meet Delly.
    I finally opened my eyes to a sight of pokemon getting surprised looking at me.
    Mariku: As you can see Delly is not in total control of this possesion. She's at our side and helping us, so let her in peace.
    Pockets of conversations and mumbling between pokemon breakthrough.
    Mariku: Silence! I still have to say a thing!
    Mariku: Vatir is also my new direct advisor, anything you would like to communicate with me can be told to him too. You guys are dismissed!
    Vatir: What!?
    Mariku: The time is now, prepare yourself to be a specialist.
    Vatir: But i'm not ready yet...
    Mariku: So better begin.
    - Late at dojo.
    Deciding to follow Vatir for a while to support him, we went to a dojo on a high hill in the city. It was a very rustic place made of stones, had equipment by the walls and some statues with descriptions, certainly they were historically very important pokemon.
    Delly: Everything looks so rustic, everything is made of stone.
    Vatir: This place exists for many years, this is where they train the specialists. Two other towns also have their own dojo with particular difficulties.
    Delly: What is a specilists?
    Vatir: Specialists are strong pokémon of both mind and body and trained to use all their points to the maximum possible level.
    Delly: Seems hard...
    Vatir: True, the training is very hard but worth it in the end, and if I want to be one of the elites I have to go through it... it's my dream, mariku knew that. I was always around him when I could learn more about the elite and everything else, the time has come...
    Delly: You will succeed! Just as you have always trusted me, I trust you too!
    Mariku walks in with a Marowak inside the dojo.
    Mariku: Here is my new recruit to you, Vatir the Sandile. And Vatir this one is the sensei of this dojo.
    Vatir: Hi
    Delly: Excuse me, I'm leaving, see you later Vatir.
    Vatir: Bye...
    - Grassroot Town:
    After leaving the dojo I noticed that this hill is really higher than it seemed. I could see the whole city, including my team near the board of missions. I decided to go see them.
    Delly: Hello, looking for missions?
    Pophe: Ye, I got some for Acadia and Kamilla. As for us, an exploration should be a good option.
    Delly: Are we going on separate teams?
    Pophe: Yes so we can cover more things in less time and the missions for them are in familiar and easy places.
    Kamila: Let's go acadia! See you guys later.
    Delly: Bye.
    Pophe: So get ready for Sunny Hills!
    For some reason I did not like that name...
    - Sunny Hills Entrance:
    Delly: Even with cloudy weather it was like I was imagining, hot and bright...
    Pophe: Lovely place!
    Delly: Do you know anything about this place?
    Pophe: Manual told me that there are ponytas, sunkerns and doduos as enemies and that usually this place is always on sunny day effect.
    Delly: Apparently we are both disadvantaged, I cause less damage and you will take more damage.
    Pophe: Not really, I can attack twice as fast because of the light, it can compensate for my grass type and I also attack from a distance.
    Delly: Ok let's get inside, we can take turns along the way, I'll go first.
    Inside the climate seems to be the noon, I wonder where this comes from...
    Delly: I'm melting here!
    Pophe: It's the rocks, they're emitting heat and light, I can feel it.
    Delly: Ok, lets keep going and find stuff.
    Ahead in dungeon I was capable of finding poke lying around and few berries, that seemed common throughout and nothing so dangerous.
    Delly: So far I've been well, no one has shown up too strong.
    Pophe: Can I take the lead now?
    Delly: Feel free...
    - While it in Happiness Lake:
    Kamila: Just find the missing scarf and we'll finish all the missions.
    Acadia: The previous dungeon was so easy and fast.
    Kamila: Hey look that!
    There was an egg floating in the water.
    Acadia: I cannot swin.
    Kamila: I can not handle it alone either, but I have an idea! let me switch.
    Kamila switched with Acadia and jumped in water...
    Kamila: I'll push it to the border and you pick it, got it?
    Acadia: Yep!
    - Back in Sunny hills:
    Delly: So what's your name?
    Sunkern: Flowey.
    Delly: Aways good to have more friends, so welcome, just touch the badge.
    Pophe: Welcome Flowey!
    Flowey: Thanks.
    After finishing the dungeon we all go get healing in inn.
    - Exbel Grassroot inn.
    Delly: So, girls, how was your day?
    Acadia: 600 poke and a bonus!
    Delly: Bonus?
    Magikarp: Look there!
    I approached to the pile of straw and there was an egg there.
    Pophe: An egg?
    Delly: where did you find it?
    Magikarp: Happines Lake.
    Acadia: It was floating in water so we took it.
    Milly: It's common to found eggs lying around in dungeons.
    Pophe: Cool
    Delly: Congrats then!
    Acadia: I'll take care of the egg from here, so you guys can still train while it incubates.
    Delly: Fair.
    I was beginning to realize just how big my group was getting, unfortunately I can only join with four of them per mission, I'm going to have to be a good leader right now and make the right choices.
    Delly: So we going outside to enjoy the remaining of the day?
    Pophe: Delly, let me have the pokes I want to go shopping
    Delly: It's all right.
    - Exbel town:
    After a few hours, many pokémons were gathering near the lake, probably another announcement, I saw that it was the scizor again.
    Mariku:(Microphone) Tomorrow we will be starting a tournament among pokemon of the city. Everyone who wants can participate, the reward is ten thousand pokes, each team is allowed a maximum of 2 pokemon per entry, I hope for your presence there tomorrow, the tournament will start at noon.
    The Pokémon started to separate, well it's a tempting prize, but I'd rather be out of it. I decided to walk away when Scizor called me.
    Mariku: Delly?
    Delly: Yes?
    Mariku: I want you on the tournament!
    Delly: Me, for what reason? I don't have any fighting skills.
    Mariku: It's important to me you be there I can even offer to you immediately 500 pokes, doesn't matter if you win or lose.
    Something is smelling fish here and it's not my partner.
    Delly: Deal, anyway, what's your name? I still dont know.
    Mariku: Mariku.
    Delly: Right Mariku I'll be there.
    Anyway easy pokes...
    Delly: Well kamila let's go shooping with Pophe?
    Kamila: Sure!

    ------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 1
    Wingull Delly |Lvl 20 at 59% Female Leader
    Hoppip Pophe |Lvl 21 at 60% Male Active
    Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 13 at 79% Female Active
    Weedle Acadia |Lvl 11 at 23% Female Active
    Sunkern Flowey |Lvl 3 at 0% Male Active

    - Windem mountain range:
    In the highest mountains of winden Mew and Celebi were looking for someone ...
    Mew: We're close, dont give up now Celebi, we have to do it.
    Celebi: It's too cold!
    Mew: We can't rest here, more time we waste, easier it's gonna be for Rayquaza to find us!
    Celebi: I know.
    * Mew used safeguard.
    Mew: That's the best I can do for you.
    Celebi: Thanks.
    Mew: Also I can feel her, we're very close.
    Few miles ahead they found a bright orb floating close to the floor.
    Celebi: It is her?
    Mew: Probably she is trying to hide her presence from Rayquasa, but I can still fell her, let me wake her up.
    * Mew used psychic.
    The energy orb floated higher and then transformed into Jirachi.
    Jirachi: Why?
    Mew: Hello Jirachi.
    Jirachi: Hi, what do you want?
    Mew: We need a wish.
    Jirachi: So what I was feeling is real, for you needing a wish... it scared me a bit.
    Celebi: We need help, from anywhere possible!
    Jirachi: Ok, who is going to battle.
    Mew: We don't have time for this Jirachi!
    Jirachi: No battle no wish!
    Mew: Ok I'll...

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