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Pokemon Mystery Universe
The purple chaos nuzlocke
Episode 20: Jailbreak, the secret passage.

- East Exbel morning:
We was heading to town, I was close to faint of sleep but I was enduring it.
Vatir: Hey you two can stay behind I want talk with Delly in particular.
Ares: Ok.
When we got ahead of them he started to talk.
Vatir: What happened in the house? You left in middle of the chat?
Delly: Err...? wait, oh true, it's Joseph, for a hero chosen to help our world he's more of an egoist.
Vatir: I know your point, but it's really just it?
Delly: Yes, I'm starting to get mad at him.
Vatir: That explain why you left, but give him a chance probably he need time to get used to it.
Delly: Well I'll think about it later... I reeeeealy need to sleep.
When we are close to reach the town vatir was to warn them, but looking back...
Vatir: Hey guys we- what? where are them?
Delly: Huh?
Vatir: I told him to stay behind but not so far...
Out of nowhere I felt as if an electric current had pierced me...
* Delly fainted.
After that I only remember waking up in a place I had never been before.
Delly: Where I'm?
It's very dark here I can not see much, it looks like an inside cave and there's someone here by my side, not knowing what it was I started to grope it to get an idea of what it would be.
Delly: It's warm, here must be someone's face... teeths...
* Chomp.
Delly: Aaaah! my wing!
With my cry I ended up waking him up.
Vatir: Huh!?
Delly: Why you bited me?
Vatir: I bite you?
Delly: Yes!
Vatir: I have no idea what you're talking about, I just wake up with you screaming.
Delly: That hurt...
Vatir: Sorry. Anyway my body still hurts too.
Delly: What happened?
Vatir: We were arrested, Pencil hit me with a close combat that made me sore.
Delly: I dont remenber anything...
Vatir: Was a trap her get us off guard and well we are here now.
Delly: And what about the other two?
Vatir: No idea... and I have to say the truth, I have no plans in what we can do now.
I also believe that this is a very worrying situation, but I know that he too will think of something for us, so I gave him a hug, he took time to react, but soon he answered me in the same way.
Delly: I know you're going to get us out of here, I'm sure!
Vatir: I hope...
Delly: ... Vatir?
Vatir: Yes?
I know thats not the best time but, I want to tell him.
Delly: I, I want to... say something to you...
Vatir: So tell me.
Delly: ...
Vatir: What happened?
Delly: I-
When I was about to say what I wanted someone approached the door of our cell, and Vatir realized that. Whyyy!?
Vatir: Hey you!
Delly: What did you see?
Vatir approached the door, and tried to see through the little window.
Vatir: I'm think of I see a Drowzee, but it run away... something is wrong here...
Apparently he did not see anything there, so he sat next to me again, and I lay down on his leg, anyway I lost the courage I had minutes ago.
Vatir: So, you wanted to say me a thing?
Delly: I... I-
This is not working.
Delly: Nevermind...
Vatir: You dont need to hide anything from me
Them a sound of a door opening in outside echoed in, and the alarms started to sound.
( Sonic cd wacky workbench bad future music)
Vatir: I know that something was wrong.
We got out of the cell, and there was a drowzee screaming at everyone.
Drowzee: Everyone this way! Let's break out this prison!
And then it all turned into a real mess, pokemons running mad with the opportunity to escape. Soon after I heard a familiar voice.
Familiar voice: Hey vatir!
When I looked around, I noticed an Azurill calling us.
Vatir: Bubbly?
She came running to us.
Bubbly: Hey, why the elite arrested us? Also do I know you?
Delly: Yes, from tournament I suppose.
Vatir: So Bubbly, I stealed a thing from elite's archives.
Bubbly: Really!? What was in your head to do that?
Vatir: I can not say, anyway what's happening here is wrong, why that drowzee has sent everyone running towards the central gate, of course the whole defense force will be there...
Bubbly: To fight the guards, it's twenty to one.
Vatir: The alarm is ringing, the elite must already be on the way, sure that this will not work.
It was already beginning to slow down the flow of pokemons running, so the drowzee fled to the other side.
Vatir: See, not even he's coming here.
Delly: Is there any way to get away there?
Vatir: I do not know, but we have time to spare, come on.
Then we began to go deeper into the prison, after two floors inside I saw two pokemons arguing in the door of a cell.
Geodude: It's just going out punching everyone!
Chatot: And you think it's going to be that easy?
Geodude: Worth trying.
We were just going to go straight for them until I saw my teammate in there talking to them.
Kamila: I'm still staying here!
Delly: Kamila you're there too?
Kamila: Delly!
Then Flowey and Acadia left the cell as well.
Delly: All my team is here?
Vatir: So the elite is not playing games, he arrest everyone.
Acadia: I dont know what is happening... They simply invaded the inn and arrested us without saying the reason...
Delly: We're still going to fix this, and who are you?
Geodude: Me?
Chatot: We were together making the stone challenge to be able to evolve and we were caught together.
Vatir: You guys are a team?
Chatot: No, just friends.
Geodude: And then we can go now, I do not want to stay here.
Flowey: I go with my team.
Kamila: I too.
Acadia: I'm in.
Chatot: But what you guys are going to do?
Vatir: I believe the answer is to go further down from here.
Delly: Ok let's move.
A little more ahead it was all quiet, no noise, no one running, it seemed like nothing was happening.
Delly: So quiet...
Vatir: Everione must be at the main gate anyway I think of I lost the track of these guys...
Geodude: So-
Suddenly an explosion happened next to us, all the lights would go out, with the darkness we did not realize that the ground cracked and fell, me and chatot tried to fly but the vacuum pulled us together. When things calmed down I could not see anything yet, but I tried to look around.
Delly: Ugh-... someone ok there?
Bubbly: I'm over here! Help me I'm stuck!
I cant see anything it's too dark down here.
Delly: I can hear you, but I cant see you.
Then a sound of ground moving started again but this time was not an earth quake.
* Vatir emerged from the ground.
Vatir: Ok someone need help there?
Bully: Me!
Delly: I still can hear both of us but still I cant see nothing...
Vatir: Those flashlights would be very useful now.
Unknown voice: Hello you guys need help?
A new voice echoed from above, I can not see who it is but it is certainly shining with light.
Delly: We certainly need!
Unknown voice: Ok, give me a second, I'll jump!
Then he jumped up into a ball of flame until he fell next to us, he was a houndour.
Vatir: Good moves, can you keep on fire for us to have light here?
Houndour: I can, but not for too long.
Vatir: Come closer here lets see if there's something to burn here.
With the light he created we took some pieces of wood and set to burn.
Vatir: It's better, let me see...
Bubbly: I'm here!
Vatir: I'll get you.
My team was missing, were they buried? I took a taboo as a torch and goes out looking for them.
Houndour: What are you looking for?
Delly: My friends fell whit me I dont know-
Acadia !? Is she okay? I ran to her.
Delly: Acadia! Wake up!... Please! ...
Hourdour: Is breathing, just fainted, also I can smell someone, help me there.
We started digging until I found the kamila under the rocks.
Kamila: Finnaly you found me.
Delly: Wow? Not even a scratch.
Kamila: Maybe luck, but this was scary.
Delly: Now, just flowey is missing.
I began to hear a noise of moving stones, and then a lot of them flew out of the wreckage.
Geodude: Woohoo! we need to do it again some day, that was radical!
Flowey: I reject this idea, but thank you for protecting me.
Delly: Hey flowey!
Flowey: I'm good. Do not worry.
Then Bubbly and Vatir came to us.
Vatir: There I found it near bubbly.
Then he put down the chatot that was with us.
Geodude: Felix!
Vatir: Calm down, he's alive.
Delly: Thanks arceus we're all alive, thanks houndour.
Houndour: You're welcome, and then you were doing what?
Vatir: Following someone, then you know the floor "disapeared"...
Houndour: Okay, my name is Victor and yours?
Vatir: I'm Vatir and her is Bubbly.
Bubbly: Hi!
Delly: I'm Delly.
Flowey: Flowey.
Kamila: Kamila.
Senna: I'm Senna and my friend here is Felix.
Delly: My friend passed out here is also called Acadia.
Houndour: Nice to meet you.

------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 2
Geodude Senna |Lvl 26 at 45% Female Active
Wingull Delly |Lvl 25 at 22% Female Leader
Chatot Felix |Lvl 23 at 19% Male Active
Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 19 at 86% Female Active
Sunkern Flowey |Lvl 17 at 81% Male Active
Weedle Acadia |Lvl 14 at 01% Female Active

- Underground plaza:
Ares: I'll tell you nothing!
Pencil: Luckily you have patience Mariku, I would already have been talking to other means.
Mariku: Little girl, you're taking away all my patience, do you want my colleague here to talk to you?
Ares: Try your luck, even if you give me all your attacks, I will not say anything!
Pencil: You are in possession of a technology unknown to us, first you make your partner disappear in a red ball, his backpack is full of foreign matter that I have never seen before, and if you think that attack you both used in is normal?
Ares: ...
* Mariku Sigh.
Pencil: Alright I will not hurt you but I know where to get the answers, good night!
Pencil and Mariku leaves the room.
Mariku: Let's invade her dreams?
Pencil: Seems to be the only way.
Mariku: I'll call the Hypno.