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Thread: What would be your theme song?

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    What would be your theme song?

    This one is relatively simple. If you were a character in any videogame/movie/series etc., what theme would start playing when you entered the room? And why?
    There was once a thread like this but that died in 2011 so I might as well revive it...

    For me, it's probably Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla from Super Mario Galaxy 2:

    Honestly I think I'm a pretty goofy person, but I find myself plotting some seriously evil plans sometimes...
    Which may or may not become apparent in PMU...
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    Prooobably Bubblegum K.K. from Animal Crossing
    im typically pretty upbeat, in a video game i'd probably be some sort of comic relief character.....

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    Mine would probably be Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney :
    Mainly because I really love dwelling deep into thought, philosophy and psychology have been really intriguing subjects to me though I don't really study them. Also I've always had a thing for solving puzzles so that'd probably equate me to a detective like character
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    Definitely Eizen from Berseria. Just seems that sort of leader like theme, always thinking ahead and not let anything get in your way. :)

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    i like to think that i'm kinda lighthearted around others when i talk to them so maybe this!

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    I'll go with Each of their Thoughts and Footprints, from Len'en Reactivate Majestical Imperial.
    I'm pretty lonely, and I think this theme captures a feeling of loneliness pretty well.
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