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Thread: hello! 🌸

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    hello! 🌸

    i'm kuro, aka yumetsu. i've played pmu for a while - it's been at least four years as far as i'm aware since i first made an ig account? maybe a little longer? i had to drop it for a while since my computer back then couldn't quite handle it, but i've been back to play for the past year or so. my other forum account is having issues so i'm trying to get it deleted. ;;

    anyhoo, i'm currently 19 and i love anime, music, and drawing! my pokesona was formerly a male meowstic, but since realizing it doesn't fit me 100% anymore, he's become a braixen instead. art to come ♥
    i love anything witchy and occult, or anything relating to halloween or forests in general! not to mention celtic and japanese mythology, as well as the languages and cultures. ♪
    my partner pokemon is always riolu/lucario! noivern, ninetales, and zorua/zoroark are always permanent members of my team as well throughout the games. :>

    i'd love to make new friends tbh, and my pms are always open! i'm on the pmu discord as well, as yumetsu. it's great to be back on here. ♥

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    Hi there Kuro! Welcome back to PMU and the forums c:
    Braixen is a super cute Pokemon you have good taste!
    I hope you have fun here and if you need any help feel free to give me a poke!

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    tysm! ^^ ♥

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    Hello, welcome back! Nice time to return since there's a Halloween event is currently happening.
    Hope you enjoy yourself. ~

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    Sweet, another returnee! Hopefully we'll dungeon together, yeah? I'd also love to see your art!

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    Hello Kuro! Greetings from another newbie here.

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    Hi, there I have also newly joined this forum.

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