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Thread: Server Downtime [11-10] (Back up!)

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    Exclamation Server Downtime [11-10] (Back up!)

    Hello PMU'ers, unfortunately as you have noticed the server has been inaccessible for a few days. It will continue to be until further notice while we try to resolve the issues. We're terribly sorry about the delay. In the meantime please make sure to join our discord if you aren't in it already, we will post updates as they come in the news section. ( )
    Again, we are terribly sorry for the delay, and once the server looks like its going to be back up again we will discuss if we are doing any kinds of extensions.
    -PMU Staff Team.

    Edit: Server is back up.
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    Well, perhaps the initial post should be edited to state the server is back up now.

    In any case, I'm ready to have some fun again. Still need to get a couple things out of here before the event ends, ideally.
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