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Thread: Crescent Nostalgia Theme

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    Cool Crescent Nostalgia Theme

    Hello everyone! This is a skin I've been working on for about a day. I'm still figuring out some edits for the main game window, but I love what I have so far. I hope you will too!

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    I love the color choices, and the crescent moons! fantastic work, id love to see more, and i cant wait to see it finished c:

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    Thank you ^^ I really loved working on the background. It's a painting I did a while ago, minus the pokemon in it.

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    I really love what you had made so far. I can't wait to use it when you're finish with it.
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    I like the moons next to the pokemon at the top. It would be nice if you could get it to say pokemon mystery universe on the bottom in game.

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