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Thread: Hello friends of PMU!

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    Smile Hello friends of PMU!

    Hello! My name is Souls, I have been a Pmu member since 2011 I've just recently turned 18 about 5 days ago. I don't have very much to say about me other than I just like to read, draw, or play video games in my spare time. I love making new friends so I am always up for a nice chat If you need help training or want to train with me I'll gladly be help if I'm not already busy in-game or not able to play PMU at that moment. I sometimes take few weeks or months breaks when I'm just not feeling like playing but I will always come back. Anyways I don't wanna make this too long, come find me in-game when I'm online and let's become friends ~

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    Welcome to the forums and welcome back to PMU! i hope you enjoy your stay!

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    ˇWelcome to a BIG community <3!

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