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Thread: PMU Easter Tournament (Weakness Cup)

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    PMU Easter Tournament (Weakness Cup)

    Sorry but the tournament will be postponed for a bit due to personal life being annoying. Dealing with stress and depression and don't want to host a tournament with a bunch of this going on so please be patient for this tournament. I will post a new date when i am more able to host this.

    Hello everyone! It is time once again for a tournament. This will be a Weakness Cup tournament. For those who don’t know what weakness cup is, allow me to explain. Weakness Cup is a new tier of tournament that was started in gen 7. Normal Smogon Tiers and evolution status are invalid in this. Instead, the eligible Pokémon and based around how many weaknesses that Pokémon has. In Weakness Cup, only Pokémon with 5 or more weaknesses are allowed. Some Pokémon with the necessary number of weaknesses will still be disallowed due to abilities and other factors which will be stated below.

    Here is a link to help you look at what type combinations meet the 5+ weaknesses requirement:

    This tournament will be taking place (Date To Be Determined) at the normal Weekly Event time (3PM EST | 7PM UTC) Please come early so you will be sure to not be late. Being late will result in a sub taking your place and you will miss out on participating.

    Sign-Ups will be closing (Date to be Determined) so be sure to apply ASAP following the format shown below:

    Participation/Being a Competitor:
    What is your in-game name?:
    -Mention that you would like to participate here-

    Subbing means that if there is a player absent and are in need of somebody to replace them, you will be called up to battle in place of this absent player. However, if you sub once, you may NOT sub again, you get one chance at subbing, and if you lose, that is it. The QUICKER you sign up as a sub(the lower your number is), you will have a higher priority of being called up to sub. If you would like to be a sub, fill out this form:

    What is your in-game name?:
    -Mention you would like to sub here-

    -2 Pokemon per participant
    -2 minutes per round, then sudden death will start(the next Pokémon that faints is the winner, so long as both competitors have the same amount of Pokémon left. So if one player has 2 pokemon left while the other player has 1, and then 2 minutes are up, the player with 2 Pokémon wins as they have more left, if both players have 2 Pokémon left each or 1 Pokémon left each, the next one to faints loses)
    -Upon fainting, DO NOT MOVE. Both sides will be warped to opposite ends of the arena and will be notified when to continue the battle.
    -Moving before being signaled will results in disqualification.
    -No switching, the 2nd Pokémon you want to use must be the leader
    -No moves that have an effect(not counting stat drops/increases because the arenas will stop this) above a 30% chance
    -No Trapping Moves
    -No OHKO(One Hit Knock Out) moves
    -No Damage Reflection moves(Destiny Bond, Counter, and Mirror Coat)
    -No status moves(moves like Attract, Sleep Powder, Toxic, etc)
    -No HP Healing Moves
    -No Items allowed
    -No AoEs above a 2-tile range
    -No Arc or Spray moves above a 3 tile range
    -If there are more than enough participants, there will be 2 arenas that will help get matches done faster
    -No 2 turn moves such as Fly or Dig that give you an invulnerable state, as they can be used to stall and give one player a free advantage to heal
    -Weather Moves are banned(Hail, Sunny Day, etc.)
    -Displacement Moves(U-Turn, Dragon Tail, etc.) are banned
    -No Protection Moves allowed(Protect, Detect, King's Shield etc.)

    -Players who sign up as a competitor and not a sub, may NOT come back as a sub. Once you have participated, if you have lost, that is the only chance you will get. No second chance by becoming a sub.
    -Players may not be allowed to enter the arena unless they are told to do so. If the player enters 2 times, here’s how it will go down:

    ~1st time will be a strict warning, for participants and subs this will be the only warning you get.
    ~2nd time, participants will be disqualified from their match, resulting in a loss for them and a win for their opponent, subs will lose their chance at being a sub, and others(spectators) will be dealt in other ways.

    Banned Abilities
    Arena Trap
    Cute Charm
    Drizzle (Starting Member only)
    Drought (Starting Member only)
    Magnet Pull
    Sand Stream (Starting Member only)
    Shadow Tag
    Snow Warning (Starting Member only)
    Speed Boost
    Wonder Guard

    1st Place Prizes:

    1,500,000 Poké
    Choice of 1 Gem and 1 Globe
    50 of each colored shard(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
    5 Heart Scales
    5 Heart Slate Choices
    8 Dust Choices
    8 Silk Choices
    3 Fossils of Choice
    Miracle Chest
    TM Earthquake
    Sentiment Ribbon

    2nd Place Prizes:

    750,000 Poké
    Choice of 1 Gem or 1 Globe
    25 of each colored shard(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
    3 Heart Scales
    3 Heart Slate Choices(from leftovers from 1st place choices)
    6 Dust Choices(from leftovers from 1st place choices)
    6 Silk Choices(from leftovers from 1st place choices)
    2 Fossils of Choice(leftovers from 1st place choices)
    Exp. All
    TM Blizzard
    Dubious Disc

    3rd Place Prizes:

    400,000 Poké
    Choice of 1 Type Plate
    15 of each colored shard(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
    1 Heart Scale
    1 Heart Slate Choice(from leftovers from 1st and 2nd place choices)
    4 Dusts(leftovers from 1st and 2nd place choices)
    4 Silks(leftovers from 1st and 2nd place choices)
    1 Fossil of Choice(leftovers from 1st and 2nd place choices)
    Golden Mask
    TM Thunderbolt

    Unlock System:
    The initial prize list may not seem like much, but better prizes can be won if more players participate in the tournament. This is something done before and can be a great way to motivate more players to join the fray.
    Here is a list of the tiers you can help unlock by participating:
    If there are 25 participants for the event or under:

    First Place: 8 Event Tokens
    Second Place: 5 Event Tokens
    Third Place: 3 Event Tokens
    Participation Tokens: 1 Event Token

    If there are between 26 and 50 participants for the event:

    First Place: 10 Event Tokens + new musical item or old musical item of choice
    Second Place: 7 Event Tokens + old musical item of choice
    Third Place: 5 Event Tokens + random musical item
    Participation Tokens: 2 Event Tokens

    If there are between 51 and 100 Participants for the event:

    First Place: 10 Event Tokens + new musical item or old musical item of choice+ Legendary costume of choice(new or old)
    Second Place: 7 Event Tokens + old musical item of choice+ old legend costume item of choice
    Third Place: 5 Event Tokens random musical item + random legend costume item
    Participation Tokens: 3 Event Tokens

    There may be a few questions that would come up from this(such as what differentiates an old music item from a new music item? As well as what differentiates an old legend costume from a new legendary costume?), and the answers are below:

    1) An old Musical Item would classify as any of the Harmonic Tower End Box items, examples being the Fiery Drum and the Sky Melodica, while new musical items would include the aether/skull music items as well as stuff like the conch shell!
    2) Old legendary costumes would classify as the mystery hats that can change you into stuff like Jirachi and Shaymin, while new legendary costumes classify as things such as the Giratina Crown, Yveltal Crown, Azelf Hood, etc

    Count for the Unlock System:

    Total Participants:

    Thank you for reading everything(hopefully)! Hopefully we get a lot of people to be involved into the tournament and get hyped up! Hopefully everyone has fun with this event! However, I alone did not make this tournament! I do have credits that will be given out:
    Zappeh for helping plan out ban lists and reward collecting.
    Binary Bob for helping with ban lists and offering a couple items to the reward pot.
    ~Special Thanks to the staff team for allowing this tournament to happen in the first place.
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    I'll be signing as a substitute, please. Backups are always nice to have in case things go awry.

    In-game name: BinaryBob
    Comments: I'll be ready.
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    I will be signing up as a participant!

    In-game name: Zappeh
    Comments: Good luck to all other participants and or substitutes!
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    I am Zappeh, also known as Zap! I have a youtube channel where I've done Pokémon Mystery Universe videos, as well as I do playthroughs of games, and I also try to post Pokémon Showdown videos of battles, and my competitive Pokémon Showdown league known as the Spriter Battle League! On Pokémon Mystery Universe, you can find me as Zappeh, Shiny Electivire(this is more of a storage character for things), and Shiny Zekrom(my youtube character). My youtube channel:
    ~Zappeh, aka Zap, aka Shiny Zekrom

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    Comments: Good luck!

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    What is your in-game name?: Aragoth
    Comments/Questions: Gang!

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    What is your in-game name?: BlakeX
    Comments/Questions: See you at the arena

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    What is your in-game name?: Ludichat
    I want to be a participant
    Comments/Questions: training mode on
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    What is your in-game name?: Scizivire
    I would like to participate.
    Comments/Questions: Prepare to get memed (again).
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