Sorry if this is a dumb question but, after the Christmas event ended I have been having an error pop up every time I try to log in. "Not found @bntLogin" is the message it is giving me and then the launcher crashes. The details for the crash are below:

System.Exception: Not found @ btnLogin
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.Widget.TriggerClickEvent(MouseBu ttonEventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.Widget.OnMouseUp(MouseButtonEven tArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseButtonEven tArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.ContainerWidget.OnMouseUp(MouseB uttonEventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.Window.OnMouseUp(MouseButtonEven tArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.WindowManager.HandleMouseButtonU p(MouseButtonEventArgs e)
at Client.Logic.Sdl.SdlEventHandler.SdlDotNet_Core_Ev ents_MouseButtonUp(Object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.OnMouseButtonUp(MouseButtonE ventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.ProcessEvent(SDL_Event ev)
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.Poll()
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.ThreadTicker()
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.Run()
at Client.Logic.Sdl.SdlLoader.InitializeSdl()
at Client.Logic.Loader.RunGame()
at Client.Logic.Loader.InitLoader(String[] args)
at Client.Logic.Program.Main(String[] args)

If anyone can help me try and resolve this it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.