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Thread: Poll Error Report Thread

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    Poll Error Report Thread

    A common error on forums, is the poll error when trying to edit your first post.

    How do I know if I have the poll error?
    Most commonly, it occurs when people create new topics/threads, but want to edit that first post. When they do, an error says something along the lines of "Sorry, you cannot edit your post due to a poll error".

    So, to help deal with this error, until we get a real fix, this will hopefully make dealing with the problem a little easier, and a bit more organized!

    When reporting please put a link to the topic you are having problems with.
    Quote Originally Posted by Example Person
    Hi, I am recieving the poll error. Here is a link to my topic -insert link here-. Thanks!

    You should be able to edit your first post now.
    This thread is here solely for reporting the poll error. So please do not post out of context.
    If you still receive an error, when trying to edit your post, please let me know, and I will see what need to be done.

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    Re: Poll Error Report Thread

    You are my hero, Char.

    My RPs have become tedious and annoying to edit because of the error!

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    Re: Poll Error Report Thread

    Ohn nu D8 I was trying to edit to put down something very important to trying to get it to happen then poll error,

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    Re: Poll Error Report Thread

    I can't put fixed in my topic because of the stupid poll error. ;-;


    you should be able to edit your first post now.


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    Re: Poll Error Report Thread

    i hate to post the tread mainly because i don't wanna get attention, but ive been trying to change the tread's name :s ive deleted everything form the main post but it didn't work viewtopic.php?f=77&t=12731
    An end can be a start...

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    Re: Poll Error Report Thread

    I'm having that poll issue on this post:

    It'd be great if you could help, and thanks!

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    Re: Poll Error Report Thread

    I applied some permission changes in the forums. May someone check if it worked fix those problems?
    The roleplay forum and all the development threads needed a setting change.
    I may have to look into the contributor rank group, but I'll get around to that/

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