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Thread: We've Survived another Year!

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    We've Survived another Year!

    We"ve got some crazy decorations going on the town and crossroads. What gives?!

    Not sure about you guys, but this game has definitely improved a lot during this years. Whether new or a regular, The Staff will like to invite you all to some events! ( this will be edited on I get a clearer view on the time schedule and what we have available for you guys)

    We'll start thing off with a capture the flag game.

    Afterwards, we'll want some nifty screenshots at the new town.

    Also want to do some snowball fights. The one during the Summer Events was a blast!

    Hmm...not sure what else to include, hide and seek?
    Do you guys know and interesting mini-games we could probably pull off?

    May be dropping confetti and random knickknacks during the events or around town or crossroads. So keep your eyes peeled! :!: Begging will decrease the chance of drop.

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    Yay! :D Happy anniversary PMU!! :P

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    yay~ fun fun fun~ i know poeple said open a dungeon but i disagree, i say a scavenger hunt/ hide and seek! sooo here is what they would do
    epmty bag,
    staff will give u the items once u find them, and u gotta find all staff that are on~ of course staff will give hints~.
    but they arent allowed in houses, dungeons, but they may camp near one~

    it may be unfair to some people but maybe there could be a volunteer at a check point to do a hm for u~
    and maybe winners get something from staff~

    this may get rejected but oh well~

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    Happy Bday, PMU!~ :D

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    Yay! Look at the drops! Aswell as this screenie, I'd also like to say. Congratulations to all the staff of PMU, For keeping it running! Congratulations, Guys! & Happy birthday PMU7! :D:D

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    Happy Birthday PMU.

    We are going to have one fun Birthday Bash.


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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    Happy Birthday PMU! I hope we have a fun time celebrating~

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!


    Happeh birthday PMU!!!

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    Well, this was fun. Find the flare :P was a good scavanger hunt, aside from a bit of lag during it. Happy birthday PMU ~!

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    Re: We've Survived another Year!

    Happy Birthday PMU <3
    Let's hope for another awesome year :D

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