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Thread: Logging In.. trap.

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    Logging In.. trap.

    Well. I believe my account is bugged. I constantly get "Logging in.." and then get stuck at it, even if I leave PMU alone for hours. If I just leave it to sit there, it does nothing. It doesn't even go to "Receiving Data" and when it does, It get's trapped on there too. On the odd occasion it let's me on, 25% of the time I get a grey screen so I have to go through the whole process again and yet, I still get trapped at "Logging In.."
    I have tried re-installing PMU twice, and yet, no effect. It's getting on my nerves now.

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    Re: Logging In.. trap.

    i have just the same problem i dunno why and its so annoying

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    Re: Logging In.. trap.

    I don't have that Problem Weird... Hopefully it gets fixed soon, also Blood I like your Forums Profile Pic, I love Blaze The Cat ^^
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    Re: Logging In.. trap.

    Medo, please don't revive old topics. I'll see if I can fix your issue but I'm locking this.

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