I'd say I'm running late on this one. :':

We have a handful of available staff have been putting their efforts on making events happen throughout the week. We are mainly focused on hosting the events 21:00 GMT and later on the road. Times will vary depending on available host are on.

Since school happens to make a comeback for me and a couple of other active staff, getting the proper amount of staff for cetain events like dodgeball will be tricky. Fortunately we can fall back on other things like quizzes and CTF games.

Our in-game event helpers that I know of are: Andy, MagicWiz, Dausk, Bloodthirst, Luli, and Myself
Couldn't do this without them.

:!: There are also two contests going on
Video Contest
Mapping Contest

I'm planning on getting an iscribble event running on Sunday and a forum contest on the day prior to that.

On a side note, Illus will have Marriland featured in his next show in his Podcast. :!!:

Alright guys, if you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to post them here. I would agree to the lack of schedule, but that is what happens when you last minute projects.

Happy prize collecting