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Thread: Down for Maintenance [Back Up!]

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    Down for Maintenance [Back Up!]

    :!: A bug exploit has been occurring recently. The exploit generates a crash and happen repeatedly which makes the game difficult to play or communicate in.

    We'll have the scriptors check on the bugs as soon as they are available.

    In the mean time you may help our community by ]

    Thanks for being patient and helping the PMUniverse be such an actively multifaceted community.

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    So when is it coming back?

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    well dang!
    i hope the scriptors can fix the bug soon! i miss my charmeleon baby ;o;

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    HOW DARE YOU BE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE????? DO YOU DARE DEFY LORD GOOMY HIS RIGHT TO TRAIN/ CATCH THE STRONGEST OF MONS????? I expect the server to be back up within 2 hours or I will lay my almighty judgement on your mortal souls.

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    Quote Originally Posted by Pakawaka
    So when is it coming back?
    Can't say for certain, but the team will work their best of their abilities to identify, solve, and prevent the issues. Unfortunately, These sort of things do not solve as quickly as a mapping error.

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    Awww, well, time to be patient, then. . I hope you guys can fix this soon!
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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    Man that sucks ;(

    I wanted start training a new team

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    pops back in
    do you think the server will be up today or will it be a problem solved over a couple days?

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    There is currently no estimated time in which the server will be brought up. Though, if you have skype, we can add you guys to the PMU Skype chat, where we will likely post that the server is back up. (We will issue a post here too, but it"d be easier to announce over Skype first.)
    Again, we apologise for any inconvenience.

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    Re: Down for Maintenance

    Quote Originally Posted by feeltherainbows
    pops back in
    do you think the server will be up today or will it be a problem solved over a couple days?
    I can't say for certain, but I don't think this is a problem that can be solved overnight. A fix needs to be made and properly tested to maintain the integrity of the game so this problem does not happen again.

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