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Thread: Customize your mugshots

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    Customize your mugshots

    I was taught how to do this by another user and thought it woud be good to know for people who like this sort of thing. You can change your own pokemons mugshots, though only you will be able to see it. It's nice if you have a pokemon you want to use but dont like its face picture, or you like to roleplay custom pokemons.

    You need the toolkit to do it.

    First you make the picture you want to replace it with. It must be 40 by 40 png. Here is the backdrop you can use if you want it to be official. Or you can edit the particular pokemons mugshot, though its tricky to get the pixeling to match. (yea i know that one looks dumb i only made it to use as an example, also the other example was drawn by myself so dont worry it isnt stolen)

    You can use an entirely different picture by resizing it and pasteing it on the official backdrop (big pics wont come out very good of course) and positioning it. Don't steal artwork though! I think its ok to use someones art for this as long as you DONT put it anywhere, because then only you will see it so its like using one for your desktop backgound basically. But respect artists see if they object to the pic being used for personal deco first. And dont put it up remember it is stealing to repost art without permission. Keep it in your own pc and it should be ok.

    Now go to the file the toolkit is located. First you need to have the sprites updated, because it only comes with the first 151. To do that you simply go to your client folder, open GFX, then open the Sprites folder. It will have all the sprites in the game. Copy these files (you can just copy the ones after 151, or all of them it doesnt matter)

    In your toolkit folder open Cache, then Sprite. Paste them here. Now your toolkit can look at all sprites in the game, handy!

    Now to change the mugshot, take the pic you chose, and name it 1.png. Just plain 1. Back to your toolkit location folder, go to the folder portrait. There is a folder for each pokemon up to 151. If your poke is one of those, open their file and delete the picture inside (which is named 1.png) If it's after 151, make a new folder and name it sprite345 or whatever the number is. In this folder is where you put your custom picture.

    If your poke is one of the first 151 you have to do an extra step. Go to the toolkit cache folder, open the portrait folder. Find the file that is called Portrait45 (or whatever your number is) and delete it. If the pokemon is a later number you dont have to do this (unless you already put new mugshots in the cache but Im assuming you didnt. if you did you just have to do the extra step above)

    Now launch the toolkit and load the sprite you want. It should show the new picture as its mugshot. That's all you need to do in the toolkit program. Now if you look in the toolkit cache under the portrait folder, the portrait file for this pokemon will be there. Copy it and paste it into your client in the folder Mugshots.It should ask you if you want to replace the file. Say yes.

    Voila you now have a new mugshot for your pokemon.

    I havent tried it but I'm assuming that an official update will reset these back to default mugshots, so keep that in mind.
    The in game sprites can also be changed, but I don't know how to do it. I assume its much more complex, plus I don't want to replace any of them, but it can be done if you want to try. Just do it at your own risk, and if you mess up you can always reinstall pmu- but make sure you back up the pmu music files or you will lose all the songs you collected!

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    Re: Customize your mugshots

    This glorious piece of knowledge will be extremely useful to those with that creative, imaginative perception. Thanks for sharing that kind of information and supporting those who seek to do this! I'm impressed myself...

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