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Thread: Seaside Cavern Pit

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    Seaside Cavern Pit

    Closing the game and logging back in fixed this, but I want to point it out. I beat Kingler with my level 15 (almost 16) Poochyena. I beat him, and leveled up. When I leveled up, I was given the option to learn Roar. I chose not to. But the dialogue that triggers the warp tile to appear did not show up (until I relogged). I have screenshots as well, though I'm no certain as to how to include them.

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    Re: Seaside Cavern Pit

    Hey Endrew! That's a glitch that tends to happen when trying to learn a move while trying to trigger a story dialogue. I'm not sure how we can fix it yet, but if you ever get stuck, feel free to ask for staff assistance!

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    Re: Seaside Cavern Pit

    Your best best is to contact staff in-game. (You can check what staff are online by typing /stafflist).
    If no staff are present then you should probably PM a member of staff on the forum to get your issue resolved if it hasn't been already.
    Hope this helped.~

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