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Thread: I can't use names of characters I deleted

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    I can't use names of characters I deleted

    I deleted the first character I created because I was unhappy with the starter I chose. I tried to create a character with the same name, Joseph Alias, directly after only to recieve a message saying "Sorry, but that name is in use" I created a new character with a different name, Shadowhite0, but I had to delete that one when I got stuck in "Shadowhite0's House" and didn't know how to leave (a simple exit would have been nice). When I tried to create another character with the name Shadowhite0, I was given the same message. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a way to fix it? :@~@:

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    Re: I can't use names of characters I deleted

    Both Joseph Alias and Shadowhite0 are kept as account on PMU! A player can check which names are registered by entering their house in Grassroot Housing Center by the way.

    Anyways, for various reasons, even if you delete an account the name will still be registered, hence "taken". This should ideally be informed to the player before account deletion! Since it isn't obvious.

    So what do you do now? To play for now you need to make a new account sadly. Probably, more PMUers will answer to this post to share further info for solutions which I am not absolutely certain about!

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    Re: I can't use names of characters I deleted

    You know when pelipper tells you if you're in a house and to leave the house is by typing /leavehouse? You should not have done that when you're stuck in a house, you can always ask someone for a help! Try contacting the staff members/admins? they can help you to retrieve your character. (edited)
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    Re: I can't use names of characters I deleted

    I'd say that this is new and bug-worthy. Try getting some information before doing anything too hasty next time(s) though. And of course plan those names out now that you see what happens.
    I deleted and renewed several names at one time, so I hypothesize that the character renaming has something to do with it as a result.

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