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Thread: Kirlia unaffected by swap-shop items

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    Kirlia unaffected by swap-shop items

    Straightforward bug, from my testing it seems like kirlia gains no actual effects from any of their swap shop items. Unsure if this effects ralts / gallade / gardevoir. If someone would like to test for them as well.

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    Re: Kirlia unaffected by swap-shop items

    It depends on what the family item is. Not all items from Croagunk's Swap Shop works and I believe a lot of the Ralts' family has a lot of not working items.
    Hopefully this gets resolved in the future because a lot of their items are ones that don't currently work if I recall.

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    Re: Kirlia unaffected by swap-shop items

    Kirlia's family item is the Magical Bow.
    The Magical Bow does:

    When you enter a dungeon, you'll see an eyeball-like icon above your head and this means that the family item is activated.

    Idk if this works for kirlia, but I tested Ralts and Gardevoir. The only item that doesn't work is the Gallant-torc and Sensing Hat (Gallade's and Ralt's family item.)

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