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Thread: Missions item does not appear in inventory..

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    Missions item does not appear in inventory..

    So uhh.. I have done a lot of SF missions and there was a SF missions for deep sea scale and 2 water dusts.. and 1 TM Solarbeam. and I have checked my inventory there was only a sky dust.. checked my storage and still did not get them... please help
    is that a wrong place to post?
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    Re: Missions item does not appear in inventory..

    Hey! I'm sorry to hear about this. :c
    This happens if your inventory is full when the items are given to you. The dust probably took the last free inventory spot meaning the TM Solar Beam wouldn't appear.
    This is quite a common error so hopefully the staff team help make it so when your inventory is full the items go to the storage.
    I hoped I cleared things up for you, sorry for your loss. </3

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    Re: Missions item does not appear in inventory..

    I'm sorry for your loss of items :c. As Dezel said, if your inventory is full you do not get the mission items. It's an annoying bug and hopefully we can get it fixed soon, again I am sorry it happened :c.
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