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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

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    Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

    Hey everyone!
    I"m sure there are many players who have been switching over to Discord from Skype recently, and while our Skype group chat will still be available, we now have an official PMU Discord group as well!

    How do I join?

    • Make sure you have an email registered to your Discord account
    • Just click on this link right here:
    • Afterwords an invite will appear in your Discord, hit okay, and click on the server
    • As you might notice, you're only able to see the rules channel, read and review all the rules that are posted.
    • If you understand and accept the rules, simply pm a Staff member on Discord (i.e. Zefa#2910) do this by right-clicking on any staff member and hitting "Message"
    • Just pm them: "I have read the rules and want to join the PMU Discord Chat" when they notice the pm, they'll give you permissions to view and talk in other channels.

    Got a question?

    If you have any questions about our new Discord or anything else PMU related, just ask! Feel free to PM a staff member on Discord, Skype, or on the forums.

    No clue what Discord is? Have this link to Discord's official site!
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    Re: Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

    Nice Idea

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    Re: Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

    Great post!

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    Re: Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

    Done a long time ago, but nice post. :D
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    Re: Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

    This is awesome :>:D:

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    Re: Pokemon Mystery Universe Discord!

    wow,this topic got revived.
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    the link does not work

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    Quote Originally Posted by yancojr View Post
    the link does not work try this one. Thanks for letting us know!
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