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Thread: Client Log In Is Bugged

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    Client Log In Is Bugged

    I went to the Greenport Bazaar, and I of course went up to the Eevee NPC to see if I had the shards saved for what I wanted. As I skipped to the last page an error popped up but I click out of errors to let the game crash so I can reboot w/o screenshots. When I went to relog it pops up this.

    Usually when this happens I just relog and all is good, this time, not so much. Upon hitting Ok on the message it proceeds to do this.

    And if I actually choose my character, it does this. I can still move and the buttons even still work.

    Any and all help would be helpful, I tried reinstalling to see if that would fix it in case it was client side but to no avail. My guess is when the server has a reboot or something akin to that it'll be fixed but I'm not too sure.

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    Re: Client Log In Is Bugged

    This bug doesn't affect the game itself though. You could drag the menu screens to a side or corner and then click back on the game.

    To the best of my knowledge, this happens because for whatever reason, you were able to log in on a computer that the server already detected a client on. That's why you get the 'Already playing on this computer' message. Because you were successfully able to log in, the log-in screen appears. When you close out of any type of 'Already playing' dialog, the client will reopen the starting menus. That is what you saw. You were able to log in with those menus still present. Again though, this is really a cosmetic bug. It doesn't glitch the game or cause you to crash. You can still play regularly if that occurs.
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