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Thread: Why was I permamuted?

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    Why was I permamuted?

    Here's a summary of what happened.

    When I joined the server, people were talking about gamecubes. I joined the conversation saying "omg i remember having a gamecube but it just stopped working for some reason"
    I didn't say anything after that for half an hour while I was training my slowpoke in Beach Bunker.

    Then all of a sudden, I get a green notification in the chatbar, saying "You've been permamuted" I wasn't angry, I was confused. I assume this had to do with me swearing 2 weeks ago, which I was punished for by being muted for a whole day, but that's the only likely explanation, and I was already punished for it.

    I'm really confused.

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    Re: Why was I permamuted?

    Hey there.

    I sent you a PM regarding details associated with your permamute.

    All the best

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