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Thread: help getting my old account back?

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    help getting my old account back?

    hi! obviously it's 100% totally not obvious who i am!!
    but yes! my old in-game name, as well as my forum account, was Fenya.

    I haven't used either since jan the 14th, 2016, and no longer have their passwords or access to the email i used for my forum account. i also don't remember my ingame account name.
    is there anything i can do in regards to getting my account back?
    (i'd 100% be ok with deleting this account, + the ingame one, Fenyu)

    thank you!! <3

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    Re: help getting my old account back?

    Oh, you didn't die.

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    Re: help getting my old account back?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xenomorph
    Oh, you didn't die.
    i might have... you never know!!

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    Re: help getting my old account back?

    Hi, Fenya! Welcome back! If you could send a PM to either Erladino or Chaotix Bluix on the forums with all the information you remember about your accounts and any proof you may have hopefully we can try to take care of this ASAP!

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