Art by Karooen
Like cats? So do we!
We are a guild completely based on all cat Pokemon!


The Street Cats is currently OPEN to accepting new members, though we do have one simple rule you must follow in order to join. You must have atleast 1 cat Pokemon on your time or in the future be looking to getting one.
If you are not sure about all the choices you have please go the link below to see who we count as a cat.

Current Admins

Owner- Tkay
Co-Owner- Karooen
Admin- Wyrmtail
Admin- PMU_HunterZ
Currently not accepting any new Admins

Our guild offers events where you can get evolution items among-st many other things! Be sure to be online during one for a chance to get some of the awesome loot!
Events are posted about in advance in our Discord Chat

If interested in joining please contact any of the above admins in game or PM Karoo.
You can also find all of us on Discord

Thread for people wishing to join/discuss The Street Cats