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Thread: " Account doesn't exist " ?

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    " Account doesn't exist " ?

    Hi ! well i managed to stumbled upon this game and wanted to try it !
    but i have a problem.
    so i made an account and tried to log in into the game for the first time
    but when i tried to log in ( after putting all the ID and Pass ) it says my account doesn't exist !
    i tried over 10 times already, even managed to change the passwords several of times. checked the password and such
    but still has no luck !!

    can anyone help me !! i wanted to try this game ;w;

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    Re: " Account doesn't exist " ?

    I'll try to get a staff to see this hopefully they can help

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    Re: " Account doesn't exist " ?

    I had the same problem. Did you make your account on the website or the game? :?:

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    Re: " Account doesn't exist " ?

    You're supposed to register in the game, not on the website.

    Also, if you did register on the game, make sure you enter the right information. Registration is currently enabled, and I made an account to check as well, worked. So if the problem persists, shoot me a pm.

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