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Thread: I can't start the game!

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    I can't start the game!

    This is the second time I have tried to download "Pokémon Mystery Universe", I followed the instructions of "PMU.exe" and it indeed apeared in my screen, but in case of the game itself, it told me that I needed a program that I don't have for open the game. I also downloaded the map editor and the music play list, and in their case, the application did not even start after I clicked on it.

    Someone could tell me what I could be doing wrong? I really would like to play this game, it looks amazing and I'm a huge fan of the Mystery Dungeon series.

    Any help will be welcome, thanks for reading.

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    Re: I can't start the game!

    The Music Player and Map Editor are legacy applications and are not supported and updated.

    Can you provide some information? Please do not be vague.

    What program did PMU.exe prompt you about?
    What is your OS?
    What version is your .NET Framework?

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    Re: I can't start the game!

    Sorry if I was vage, between the fact that english is not my mother tongue and I don't know about this themes I find a lot of trouble.

    You know what? I was going to delete what I had downloaded and try again, but while I looked trhough the files I found the game icon and... Welp, the game itself, I guess I had clicked in the wrong place.

    Thanks anyway! Good to see that I can come here if I have doubts.

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