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The Skin Directory

Postby Kirk » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:34 am

The Skin Directory

Okay, this is the Directory of our current skins, also I'm going to add the requests into here.
This Thread is made to allow you to find the skin you're looking for, easier, instead of wading through the pages of the skins section. Although it's not much of an issue this early on, it may be in the future.
Also, this thread is here to prevent people clogging up the skins section with request topics. Skin ideas are posted here, for skin makers to incorporate in their skins.

I will only put Finished skins on this list.
Also; a reminder, that all these skins are player made and are not PMU official skins.

Current Skins
If you wish for me to add a skin to this list, PM me.
Ampharos Skin by ShadowUmbreon
Azurill Bubble Skin by pipplyRocks
Bubble Bobble Skin by Iceberg
Buizel Skin by Kirk
Cherubi & Cherrim Skin by pipplyRocks
Chimecho Skin by Flareon
Demonic Huntail Skin by Iceberg
Desert Spirit Flygon Skin by Iceberg
Electivire Skin by danevil
Electric Power Skin by Arkanuz
Fire Power Skin by Arkanuz
Flareon Skin by Kirk
Aerial Avians by Agunimon
Legendary Skin by Agunimon
Giratina Skin by Iceberg
Glaceon Skin by Flareon
Hippowdon Skin by Deathorse
Jolteon Skin by Prinplup
Pokemon Red & Blue Skin by cursedspirit
Pokemon Black & White Skin by cursedspirit
Raichu Skin by pipplyRocks
Salamence Skin by Deathorse
Smeargle Skin by Trynitte
Typhlosion Skin by FlareBlitzx
Umbreon Skin by princer13
Venomoth Skin by Deathorse
Vulpix skin by Kirk
Zekrom Skin by Iceberg
Snowy Delibird Skin by Nyys
Misdreavous by Nyys
Breloom Skin by Nyys

Skin Artist Directories
If you wish for me to add your skin directory to this list, PM me.
Note: there may be skins here, that aren't in the above list.
Flare's Skins
Iceberg's Skins
terranariko's Skins

Requests (What The People Want!)
All Requests from the old thread, have been moved here.
If you wish for me to add a request to this list, PM me.
Absol Skin
Arcanine Skin
Blaziken Skin
Blitzle Skin
Candy Skin
Celebi (shiny?) Skin
Chinchou Skin
Crawdaunt Skin
Eevee Skin
Eeveelution Skin
Empoleon Skin
Escavalier Skin
Espeon Skin
Flygon Skin
Gliscor Skin
Jirachi Skin
Leafeon Skin
Lucario Skin
Luxio Skin
Mew Skin
Mewtwo Skin
Pichu Skin
Pikachu Skin
Pikmin Skin
Quilava Skin
Rattata Skin
Reshiram Skin
Reuniclus Skin
Roselia Skin
Serperior Skin
Snivy Skin
Swampert Skin
Umbreon Skin
Unova Starter Skin
Weavile Skin
Togekiss Skin
Murkrow Skin
Chatot Skin
Noctowl Skin

This will contain some helpful guides towards installing, implementing and creating skins.
How to Install a Skin (.pmuskin) by Prinplup

If you are going to PM me about this topic, entitle the PM "Skin Directory Request/Skin" Thank you.
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