The PMU Client requires the latest Microsoft .NET Framework to function. Download .NET Framework 4 in Microsoft Download Center

  • The PMU with no music is a 78MB+ Download.
  • The PMU with music is a 8GB+ Download.
  • A broadband or better connection is required to play.
  • Newer versions of DirectX may not be compatible with Pokemon Mystery Universe.
  • Pokemon Mystery Universe is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

System Requirements

Requirements Minimum Recommended Ultra
OS Windows XP/Vista Windows 7 Windows 10 or Above
Intel CPU Pentium IV 1.5 - 2Ghz+ Pentium IV 2.0 - 2.4Ghz+ Intel i5/i7 or Better
AMD CPU AMD Athlon XP 1.8Ghz+ APU 2.0Ghz+ AMD FX, Phenom or Better
Video Card Integrated/Onboard Graphics HD Intergrated/Onboard Graphics Dedicated Graphics Card 1GB+ VRAM
Memory 2GB+ RAM 4GB+ RAM 6GB+ RAM
DirectX Version 7.0 Version 9.0c Version 11.0
Hard Disk Space 1 Gb+ 10 Gb+ 15 Gb+
Internet connection 1mbs+ Broadband (DSL, Satellite etc.) 10mbs+ Broadband (Cable/Wireless etc.) 50+mbs Fibre Broadband

Here's a basic overview on the process on installing and starting up the game. It's not exactly complicated, but it's always nice to have a handy guide.

  • Installation

    This installer currently provides three seperate programs. Don't worry, the programs you want to install is a choice for you to make.

    • Game Client: You will essentially need this program to play the game.
    • Music Player: Ever wanted to listen to the game's music library? You can launch the music through this compact player.
    • Map Editor: An external map editor that somewhat mimics the map editor in PMU.

      • First you will want to click on the fancy green "Download installer" button at the upper corner site. A window mentioning "Installer.exe" should pop up afterwards. The pop up should have a saving option, click it once you find it. Open "Installer.exe" once that is finish downloading.

        You've got through the installation, now to get the game up and running.

  • Launching the Game

    Here's another set of images displaying the registration process

  • Time to get Moving

    I urge you to take advantage of the dialogue in the first few areas of the game.

    Basic Controls

    Button Description
    Arrow Keys You move you character with these
    Enter Allows you to read signs and select options
    Esc Opens and exits the main menu
    W, A, S, D Select aim your moves at the foe.
    F Fire selected move.
    Left Mouse Button Click on player or item for information